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Perfect Your Punctuation

Increase Your Confidence as a Writer--and Punctuate with Precision!
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Welcome to Perfect Your Punctation, a non-technical guide to using commas, semicolons, colons, dashes, parentheses, and other types of punctuation with style and flair. 
As our world becomes increasingly digital, we must present ourselves increasingly in writing–meaning, our writing often determines whether we get the  job, grant, scholarship, or promotion, or not…
If you struggle with writing or worry you’re not presenting yourself in the most favorable light via the written word, worry no more! Once you master the major punctuation rules, you’ll soon find it easier (and more enjoyable) to write with flair.
As a writer, you need punctuation as a tool of your trade, but many people think there are just way too many rules to learn and that they’re too difficult to master. Happily, this is NOT the case! 
You need not memorize a grammar book the size of the Bible to write well!  Instead, you need only master a few key punctuation rules–and in this course, you’ll learn what those rules are and how to use them. We’ll cover not only the rules but also examples illustrating those rules so you can immediately see how to apply them.
Think of these punctuations rules as akin to a carpenter’s tools in his toolbox. If he needs a hammer, he goes to his toolbox and pulls it out, then uses that hammer with authority. Similarly, once you complete this course, you’ll have all the punctuation rules firmly in your “toolbox,” and you’ll feel comfortable pulling out those tools and using them when needed.
For example, you’ll learn to use these punctuation marks, and more: .
Punctuation can be a dry, boring, and uninspiring topic–but not in this class. We’ll have a fun, flexible approach to learning punctuation so you can focus on just that–learning–rather than blindly memorizing boring rules. Through this approach, you’ll soon discover that punctuation helps you communicate your meaning more clearly and effectively. 
Your only regret will be you didn’t take this course and master these rules sooner!

You will learn

✓ Master the major punctuation rules–with style
✓ Elevate your writing–whether it’s for an essay, business report, résumé, cover letter, email, or blog article, etc…
✓ Increase your confidence as a writer
✓ Relax and write with ease. Say goodbye to worrying about if your commas are in the right place or not!


• Get ready to master punctuation–and have fun doing so
• Pen and paper (notebook) for taking notes

This course is for

• Anyone unsure of how to use punctuation
• Anyone who seeks to deepen their understanding of punctuation
• Students, writers, journalists, job-seekers, communication professionals–anyone who wants to learn to communicate more effectively
• Anyone who wants to elevate their writing and increase reader understanding of their work
Greetings and thank you for your interest in this course!
I’ve been teaching academic writing for almost two decades now, both at the university and community college level. I’ve taught courses such as College Writing I & II, English Composition I & II, American literature, World Literature, College Prep Writing, GED Writing, and Developmental Writing, among others…
In addition to teaching writing, I, too, am a writer. My work has been published in academic and trade journals, books, web series, blogs, and many other places—including my own books.
My first book, Essential Writing Skills for College and Beyond (Penguin, 2014) is the basis of this course. I wrote it for my students while teaching at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. (My students detested their giant, confusing, all-inclusive writing manual, so I created for them instead a series of easy-to-understand handouts. These concise handouts outlined the crucial lessons the students needed to master for success in academic writing. They loved the handouts so much they insisted I turn them into a book for future students. So, I did!)
As a fellow writer, I’m happy to tell you there is a secret to successful writing, and it’s one you can absolutely learn. Here it is: Successful writing is the result not of talent but of following a process. Writing is not a skill you either “have” or you don’t.
Let me repeat that point for emphasis: Writing is NOT a skill you either have or you don’t.
Writing is a skill that is developed and acquired through effort, practice, and persistence—and it helps immensely to have a trusted guide walk you through the process. This is, of course, where I come into the picture. I’m going to walk you through the process to successful academic writing—step by step by step. We’ll cover everything you need to succeed in your academic writing assignments.
Sign up for the class today, and let’s get you started. The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll arrive at your success.
Take care, and I look forward to seeing you in class…
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 49m
Language: English
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