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Pendulum Dowsing from Scratch

How to use a Pendulum and how to be accurate every time!
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Pendulum Dowsing from Scratch takes you on 5 simple steps to being the strongest dowser you can be. It is a foundation course that walks you through 5 lessons that will create the foundations you need to use your Pendulum for healing, seeking, testing and more!

There is no wishy washy woowoo here – just good old fashioned dowsing in simple steps that will give you proficiency, accuracy and most importantly the confidence to walk your dowsing journey.

Lesson 1 – Programming your Pendulum – Yes / No Answers with accuracy
Lesson 2 – Testing you! This lesson tests your ability to use the Pendulum accurately!
Lesson 3 – Pendulum Charts – how to use and accurately interpret charts and how to make one for yourself!
Lesson 4 – Radiesthesia Colour Vibrations – Quantifying frequencies and testing you and your Pendulum – what ability were you born with?
Lesson 5 – Seeking – How to use the Pendulum to find people, objects and vibrations.

Each Lesson contains Video walkthrough and comprehensive PDFs with clear instruction. This is a simple lesson plan but the content and learning materials create the foundations for a proficient healer, seeker and Master Radiesthesist.

Toni Puhle, Founder of the World Divination Association and Master Radiesthesist takes you on a journey you may never return from.

“This course changed my life”

You will learn

✓ Foundation Course – you will be able to proficiently use your pendulum to dowse
✓ How to answer yes/no questions
✓ How to use a Pendulum Chart
✓ How to test you!
✓ Radiesthesia Colour Vibrations
✓ Seeking with a Pendulum
✓ Testing your Pendulum
✓ Discover what your own Pendulum is proficient at
✓ Covers the foundation knowledge every diviner needs to widen their dowsing abilities – from Healing to Seeking – everything you need to know to start today!


• No Pre-requirements just a pendulum and an open mind!

This course is for

• Beginner Dowsers
• Beginner Radiesthesia
The Card Geek
Author, The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper
Founder, World Divination Association
​Welcome to my courses! I am a straight to the point girl, I work with traditional systems and have researched Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy Card Techniques dating back to the 19th Century. I do my research and I practice – what sets me apart from the world of pure intuitive readers is my no nonsense approach to reading and teaching – I predict – I tell the future – I read systems.Come and join my direction – the science of the system, you won’t ever be disappointed by a read again, full predictive ability is available to everyone – you do not need to wear a long skirt or a scarf on your head – you can be YOU and a fortune teller at the same time!
Join me and comment often so I can share your Kipper Journey – Cards are an awesome divination tool that every boy and girl should have in their belt.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 29m
Language: English
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