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Patent basics + Patent search

Step by step Patent search | Patent applications | IP Managment | Patent infringement
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In many areas a basic understanding of intellectual property (IP) and patents is important. This course offers a general introduction (crashcourse) to the topic and is suitable for everyone, whether inventor, manager, engineer, scientist or start-up.
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Welcome to my bundle course where you learn all the Basics about Patents and also about Patent search! This course is the new and extended englisch version of my previous Udemy course Patentwissen kompakt (rating: 4.80) in German. I revised the audio quality, checked the structure, added two chapters! So my other course has a good rating already and in my eyes this course is even better! It has been just recently launched!
This bundle course also contains my Master Patent search course! There you will learn how to search for patents step by step!

We will start with an overview of Intellectual property and its relevance nowadays.
Then we we dive right into patent search
•Step by step, I will show you how and where to best conduct a patent search.
•We will discuss an example and learn how to do patent search in a professional way
Then we will focus on patents:
•What is a patent exactly?
•What can i do with with a patent?
•How to understand a patent?
•How are patents structured?
Next we will focus on Patent applications
•We also go into the subject of patent application. Here I will show you what you have to consider and how you can save money!
•How much does a patent cost?
•How to obtain protection in the coutries i need protection?
•What is a patent family and what is a priority?
•How long it takes to obtain a patent?
•When do I need a patent attorney?
Now you know all the basics and we will dive deeper into patent search!
•you will learn how to tackle your patent searches in a really strategic way
•I will explain it to you by doing a example!
After that we will talk about the basics of patent infringement
•What is patent infringement?
•Is someone infringing my patent?
•Do I infringe a patent?
Last but not least we will focus on the basics of IP managment
•When to consider patents?
•How to work with patents?
•Due diligence; Freedom to operate; non disclosure agreements

You will learn

✓ Do i infringe a patent?
✓ What can i do with a patent?
✓ Can i get a patent with my idea?
✓ How much does a patent cost?
✓ How to do a (free) Patent search step by step?
✓ What is a (exclusive – non exclusive) License?
✓ Learn all the basics about patent that you need for your job!
✓ Basics of intellectual property (IP)
✓ conduct a Freedom to operate (FTO) analysis
✓ Learn the basics of technology protection
✓ Learn the basics of technology managment


• We start from the beginning and go to an advanced level

This course is for

• Everyone that needs to know the basics about patents!
• inventors
• start-ups
• engineers
• product managers
• entrepreneurs
• technical directors
Patent Engineer
I studied engineering at a technical university in Germany and in Spain. Since the end of my studies, I have been professionally involved with intellectual property and patents. I found it quite difficult to get into this field in the beginning, because although good information can be found on the internet, it takes a long time to sort it out. I hope I can help you with my course to get a faster start in this field!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 1m
Language: English
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