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Past Life Regression Demonstrated – Online Sessions

Learn to do past life sessions online via Zoom. Complete demonstrations of a program of PLRT sessions, with commentary.
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This course “Past Life Regression Demonstrated – Online Sessions” is a companion to my other course; “Past Life Regression – Therapist Training”.
•”PLR Therapist Training”; tells you what to do, and explains the process.
•”PLR Demonstrated”; shows you how to do it, illustrating the process.
PLR Demonstrated goes over the entire process given in PLR Therapist Training’s videos, manual and script-book. It’s not a question of which course to get, they go together like two wings.
Online Sessions; The demonstrations are from online Zoom PLR sessions. The therapeutic principles still apply exactly to in-person sessions. Yet online require a few extra technical steps that are covered in new lectures in this course.
Demonstrations; People often think of a ‘demonstration’ as a one hour video of one past life session. My idea of a proper ‘demonstration’ is very different, This course covers the entire PLRT process, including three sessions, and all the preparation that is the under-appreciated by critical element to success in PLR.
My demonstrations cover;
i) the clients first email enquiry,
ii) Intake Form templates, the Intake Interview, and
a full program of three distinct past life sessions covering
iii) causative issues in this life,
iv) past lives and
v) therapeutic resolutions.
I also have commentary on every step in session to breakdown what I do and why. So you can you fully grasp the curriculum, and see how to apply it in reality, and deal with real world differing client types and challenging situations.
Case Studies; Books can provide ‘case studies’ that summerize the process, this course shows every technical aspect involved in getting that story.
The Demonstration Subjects;
Abby; Is a holistic healer from the US, recovering from addictions and dealing with a key issues of self-love. We find causes from early in this life, and repeating patterns from a past life in Europe involving betrayal.
Maggie; Is a psychologist and academic from Mongolia and living in Japan. She is is dealing with issues of confidence to work as a spiritual healer. We discover causative events from this life, and trauma from her past life as a Tibetan monk 80 years ago.
Both provide vivid case studies and illustrate emotional, mental and spiritual principles that will apply to many of your clients, and to you as a healer.
These are not the smoothest sessions or easiest clients; I choose as examples that had many problems and challenges, even mistakes and set-backs. These make the best teaching tools.
You see that you don’t need perfection to get the results. You learn how to handle problems, so you understand PLR inside out, enhancing your in-person sessions, and opening the door to online sessions.
The course comes with downloadable resources which are;
1) The Manual; 22 pages, covering
a) the preparation and technical details to do PLR sessions online, and
b) the Intake Forms & Emails from the two demonstrations subjects.
2) The Intake Form; 2 pages, is
a) a template you can use to send to your prospective PLR clients.
b) the basis of the demonstration case studies.
3) The Script-Book; 15 pages. This course demonstrates how to the Manual and Script-Book of the companion course “PLR Therapist Training” into practice. It follows exactly the same structure, yet has minor modifications on how to;
a) do inductions over a video call instead of in-person, and
b) edit down and customize the script according to your specific client.
Commentary; A very detailed commentary of the sessions interjects regularly into the sessions to explain what is being done and why.
During the sessions themselves, relevant pages of the Manual, Intake Form and Script Book will be shown so you can follow along and see where we are in the process.
The goal of this course; is for you to take what you learned in Past Life Regression – Therapist Training and now grasp the subtleties so that you double your understanding of the curriculum, and double your confidence to implement it yourself, in-person and via online sessions.
If you have any questions, feel free to message me.
Visit my Bio Page for links to my website and youtube, that offer deals on my courses and free educational content.
Thanks, Mark 🙂
Website; Past Life Awakening Institute
Youtube; “Past Life Awakening Institute”
Reviews For “Past Life Regression – Demonstrated”
“Very important course! This was an awesome way to learn how to do an online session. And even more, to see how an actual past life regression is done. It really inspires me to learn more!” – Elles Taddeo, Educational Therapist
Reviews For “Past Life Regression – Therapist Training”
Hi Mark! I did my first PLR session today. It was amazing! I followed your outline! After being a hypnotherapist since 2001. PLR got my client directly to the root cause of her issue even before I was done explaining the process and what is expected of her. My client informed me she has been in therapy for many years and this is the first time she was able to get such clarity. Thanks for creating this course and sharing your very valuable experience…
“I have been involved in Hypnosis for more than 20 years, and Regressions for 15. I took this course kinda as a refresher. I was highly impressed with it’s content, explanations, and insights. I Highly recommend this course for any looking or interested in Past Lives Regression! I truly feel it is an Excellent Course!”
“I am a licensed counselor already providing past life guided imagery sessions so this class helped bring more structure to what I already do.”
“Very practical, very hands-on, I will know exactly what to do and what to say in a session as a therapist.”
“I thought this course was so intense…I have done other course on Past Life Regression and I felt empty. Mark Beale really explains and gives many ways to work at it. I’m excited to get started with my clients. I want to thank you for all that you do.”
“I have been working with Quantum Healing and Hypnosis for a while, but I had a couple of unanswered questions…after taking this course I finally cleared all my doubts and am able to answer my client’s questions without hesitation. Thanks for that.”
“Wonderful course! Mark covered more than I could have hoped for and now I feel much better equipped for PLR 🙂 Thank you!”
“I am glad I purchased this course, the material is something that I have relied on to give a handful of others successful PLR sessions. The scripts provided are great and easy to adjust depending on the client. Highly recommend this course!”

This course comes with the Udemy Certificate of Completion. There are no additional certificates from my Past Life Awakening Institute for courses taken on Udemy.
For details on advanced professional level training, visit my Past Life Awakening Institute website and youtube channel.
If you have any questions, feel free to message me.
Visit my Bio Page for links to my website and youtube, that offer deals on my courses and free educational content.
Thanks, Mark 🙂

You will learn

✓ See how to implement the Past Life Regression curriculum with clients.
✓ Learn how to adapt Past Life Regression to Zoom or online video calls.
✓ Do hypnotic inductions over Zoom or online video calls.
✓ Be warned of the pitfalls of online PLR sessions, and how to avoid them.
✓ Witness many problems during PLR sessions, and see how to manage them.
✓ Feel confident to do PLR by seeing how to do it, and that it works.
✓ See 4.5 hours of sessions and interviews. Hear 1 hour of explanation commentary.


• Ideally, you have studied how to do Past Life Regression as a therapist to your clients, preferably through the companion course; “Past Life Regression – Therapist Training”.
• You should know how to operate Zoom or a video call app. This is not a technical course on Zoom. This is a therapeutic course on how to do any past life session, including how to adapt to doing PLR sessions online.

This course is for

• Past Life Therapy students who want to gain skills and confidence by seeing how it is done at a high and complete level.
• Past Life Regression Therapists who want to learn how to do sessions online.
• QHHT practitioners who can learn how This Life influences are important when dealing with Past Life influences.
• Hypnotherapy or RTT practitioners who can extend their existing skills of healing This Life causes into also healing Past Life causes.
• People with a general interest in past lives who want to see real people during real sessions, with a commentary that explains the whole therapeutic process.
• Therapists who want a refresher or a fresh perspective by watching a full time professional.
• People interested in seeing how the past life case studies of writers life Dr Brian Weiss come out of real sessions. Hear the tone, pacing and flow. See the subconscious gestures. Feel the raw emotions at the heart of PLR.
Past Life Awakening Institute, Trainer & Mentor
Hi, I’m Mark. My Past Life Awakening Institute offers;
A) Certified Therapist Courses; with extensive personal mentoring as you take your clients through case study assignments.
B) Personal Sessions; in Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement.
C) Video Courses; like those on Udemy, to get a Certificate of Completion from the Past Life Awakening Institute.
We offer a Bundle of interweaving courses, in this order;
1) Clinical Hypnosis
2) Clinical Hypnotherapy
3) Past Life Regression Therapy
4) Past Lives For Healers
5) Past Life Regression Demonstrated – Online Sessions
6) Past Lives For Romantic Soulmates & Relationships
7) NLP For Therapists
8) Spirit Releasement Therapy
I trained in hypnotherapy and past life regression with Dr Sunny Satin and the California Hypnosis Institute of India in 2006, and become an National Guild of Hypnotists NGH trainer in 2012 with Dr Will Horton in Florida.
Click the Youtube link to see Testimonials from Certified Therapist Course graduates, and free PLR regression sessions.
Click the Website link to go to the Past Life Awakening Institute, to get the bundle of interweaving Video Courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 25m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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