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Other methods of Divination

Various methods of Scrying
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Tarot and Oracle cards are the most popular and well-known methods of Divination.
There are other modalities that are perhaps not quite as well-known, but are in fact just as good.
The Spirit Realm is not limited in how it can communicate with us. But we have to be open-minded and willing to explore the other forms of communication, as not all Spirits like to communicate in the exact same way.
It goes without saying that the more forms of communication you are familiar with, the more likely you are to be contacted and to receive messages from beyond the veil. It is not possible to cover every single communication modality in one course but I have certainly covered as many as I can.
If you are one of those people who is indeed open-minded, then come on in and allow me to share what I personally know and practice.
Even if you decide that what is presented here is not for you, at the very least you will leave having expanded your knowledge on Divination. The added bonus is that you would have witnessed some incredibly stunning real-life examples of how the Spirit Realm loves to reach out to us.
I am delighted to share with you, my personal photographs and experiences during various methods of scrying. 
I hope that you will enjoy every moment of this journey with me.

You will learn

✓ The less commonly spoken about methods of Divination
✓ Scrying with a mirror
✓ Reading wax
✓ Scrying with candle flames
✓ Reading burnt petitions
✓ Reading candle smoke
✓ Create your own black scrying mirror!
✓ Divination with Pendulums
✓ Creating your own Pendulum
✓ Scrying with a crystal ball
✓ Scrying with Incense
✓ Water scrying
✓ Divination with match sticks!


• An open mind
• Basic items such as: Candle, paper, a photo frame, black enamel paint or similar and match sticks plus a black pen
• Be at least 18 years old
• At least some basic experience with divination and knowledge on how to protect yourself/space/tools

This course is for

• Intermediate to Professional
Psychic Medium,Practitioner of Hypnosis CT & ETR, Witch
Hello kindred spirits!
I’m a professional Psychic Medium (Psychic Lind), Practitioner of Energy Transfer Reset healing, Practitioner of Hypnosis CT (spirit-led only) and an ecletic grey Witch.
I am passionate about all things psychic, as it allows one to connect in a meaningful and clear way with the spirit realm. 
During Hypnosis CT, my Clients have the added security of knowing that Spirit is directly involved with guiding their healing process – as divination is very much part of that process. ETR (Energy Transfer Reset) is an incredibly powerful and spiritual healing modality. I facilitate the sessions but they are conducted by 250 light beings. There are immediate effects to this healing work. I also offer healing energy work through the Rune Spirits. All of this work involves direct contact with the spirit realm.
It’s incredible to see people being empowered and lives being changed through the gift of divination.  I want to share my knowledge on the subject and help others to grow into their personal power, as I have.
Communication with the Spirit realm is the key and there is no better way to start out, than through Tarot and then to expand into other communication modalities.
I hope you will join Spirit and me, as we guide you every step of the way to becoming the best psychic reader that you can be!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 4m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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