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Online Psychology and Persuasion for Conversion Optimization

Apply online psychology in a structured way in your conversion rate optimization program to get better results.
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***Highest rated course on Online Psychology, by a best selling instructor***

If you are a Conversion Rate Optimization specialist or someone working on optimization and experimentation you often hear that online psychology is very important to increase your successes. And this is true, data shows that teams with knowledge about psychology get more A/B test winners, get a higher conversion rate and get better insights about their website visitors. If you want to achieve this, then this is the right course for you.

By taking this course, you will learn:
•How to build a behavioral model with online psychology.
•How to verify your behavioral model through A/B testing and psychology.
•How to apply the four optimization directions and all psychological tactics.
•How to apply your knowledge to every step in the customer journey.
•How to use online psychology to increase your A/B test winners and conversion rates.
This helps you to greatly increase your success in your job and contribute to the growth of the whole organization.
This course will not simply cover 100 psychological tricks you can apply to your website today. Instead, this course will teach you how to really apply online psychology and persuasion into conversion rate optimization practices. You will learn how it fits within your CRO process, how to use it in your experimentation, and how to create and validate a behavioral model of your website visitors that helps you to increase your conversion rates and realize valuable long term learnings.

Online psychology and persuasion course setup
In this course, you will start by building a behavioral model for your website visitors. This model will help you to properly apply online psychology and persuasion into practice.
Next, you will learn everything about our brain and dual processing. We will cover System 1, System 2, and their characteristics.
After that, we deep dive into the four psychological directions for optimization and cover the psychological tactics which you can use in your A/B tests to verify your behavioral model. We will cover cognitive ease, motivation & risk, attention & perception, and choices & memory.

Course content
•Section 1: Introduction
•Section 2: Building a behavioral model
•Section 3: Dual processing theory
•Section 4: Cognitive ease
•Section 5: Motivation & risk
•Section 6: Attention & perception
•Section 7: Choices & memory
•Section 8: Final words
The course is set up in a practical and engaging manner. Together, we will cover all the theories using fun exercises, real-life examples, surprising scientific research, and of course, examples of how to apply it on your website.
By the end of the course, you will know how to build and verify a behavioral model with online psychology. You will massively increase your conversion rates, as well as learn about the needs, motivations, and behaviors of your website visitors. And all this knowledge is not only beneficial for your website, but also for marketing, product innovation, product owners, and the overall strategy of your whole organization.
Master online psychology and persuasion for conversion rate optimization and start increasing your conversion rates today
If you sign up today you will have lifetime access to the course, including all future updates. You´ll also get a 30 day no question asked, money-back guarantee.
If you have any questions, during this course or after that, you are always very welcome to contact me. I will be happy to help you out, and I want you to be successful.
Ready to learn online psychology? Get started today! 🙂

You will learn

✓ Apply online psychology to your conversion rate optimization program in a structured manner.
✓ Build a behavioral model of your website visitors with online psychology.
✓ Verify your behavioral model through A/B testing and psychology.
✓ Keep learning about the needs, motivations, and behaviors of your visitors at a psychological level.
✓ Learn about the four optimization directions and all psychological tactics.
✓ Apply the right psychology and persuasion tactics at every step in the customer journey.
✓ Keep track of all your insights.
✓ Keep building on your successes.


• Eagerness to master online psychology and increase conversion rates.
• A (very) basic understanding of Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing is useful but not required.
• Useful (free) tools will be discussed in the course.

This course is for

• Conversion Specialists who want to excel in this field.
• Online marketers and growth hackers who want to learn online psychology.
• Entrepreneurs and e-commerce managers who want to keep increasing the conversion rate of their websites and beat the competition.
• UX designers and developers who want to increase their knowledge of online psychology.
• Data analysts who want to the why behind the data.
• Psychologist who want to learn how to apply their knowledge online.
CRO Consultant, online teacher, author, and speaker
I believe that if you find your passion in your work, you should also use it to help and inspire others. That is why I started Conversion Ideas.Ever since helping out a company in 2009 teach clients to become more happy and confident with improved social skills, I have been fascinated with the questions: “If we can change people’s behavior offline, how can we do this online?”
Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one. I have read many books and followed many courses since.
Now as a Conversion Rate Optimization manager and consultant, at the award-winning agency Online Dialogue, I have the pleasure to work with amazing people on great websites every day.
With my own company Conversion Ideas, my goal is to help people who don’t have the money, or budgets from their employer, to access expensive business-to-business courses. As well as (e-)meet amazing like-minded people.
With my courses on Conversion Optimization and A/B testing, I want to help people who want to learn this fun line of work and excel for an affordable price.
From my passion for CRO, I want to help others to improve their optimization skills while trying to make this world a better place. With understandable, affordable, and practical courses, a book, and helping out charity organizations for free, I want to make CRO available for everyone.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 17m
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