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Online Drumming Course (Percussion)

How to Play Percussion with Split Finger Technique
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Platform: Udemy
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Split Finger Technique was invented by Master Misirli Ahmet, who is a grandmaster of percussion. The technique is heavily inspired by Indian Percussions (Mridangam, Kanjira and Tabla).

I met the Master Misirli Ahmet in person and learned the technique from him. Throughout years I also added my own interpretation onto it. I simplified this course to make it available for everyone and yet I kept it comprehensive so that you don’t need any other course apart from this.

Each main lesson is followed by a practice lesson. I highly recommend you to complete the entire course step by step by taking your time. Please don’t ignore the practice sessions if you want to develop the technique. I also encourage you to be dedicated to daily practice by committing at least half an hour a day.

Here are the important facts regarding the course which you may consider before you make up your mind.

Who is it for?

People who want to learn how to play percussion, especially Darbuka and Frame Drums

What is the content?

On this course we are going to discover every detail of Split Finger Technique (Turkish Technique). We will start with basic strokes and cover everything including drum rolls and ornaments. At the end we will share a master exercise which covers the entire course in a single exercise.

What will we achieve at the end?

You will learn everything you need to know regarding the Split Finger Technique for Percussion. It is usually used for Darbuka but it can applied to other percussion instruments such as Frame Drums.

Why did I create this course?

After 12 year of practicing on percussion and meeting highly professional musicians and the Master Misirli Ahmet, I have accumulated the secrets of Split Finger Technique. I want to share it with anyone who is sincerely interested to learn percussion.

Any prerequisites?

I highly recommend you to complete the Online Rhythm Course before you start this course if you are a beginner. I also encourage anyone to complete that course to understand this course even better.


Can it be used for any percussion instrument?

Yes, as soon as you want to play with your fingers.

Are we going to learn some grooves?

Yes, we are going to learn some popular Middle Eastern Rhythms

What type of instruments are used on this course?

Darbuka, Frame Drum (Bendir)

Is it suitable for any level?

You will comprehensive information on this course. From beginners to advanced players, everyone can benefit from it.

You will learn

✓ How to play percussion
✓ How to play Darbuka
✓ How to play Frame Drum


• Online Rhythm Course

This course is for

• People who finished my Online Rhythm Course
• People who are keen on learning Percussion
• People who learn Darbuka
• People who learn Frame Drum
Music Instructor
Atman is a World Fusion Musician who aims to bridge West to East, logic to intuition, method to inspiration, physical to spiritual. He traveled around the world and met many musicians over a decade. He learned some significant insights from each. Once he met the percussion Master Misirli Ahmet, a new door towards secrets of rhythm and drumming opened to him. His methodical approach to music allowed him to develop the Rhythmic System, which makes the wisdom of rhythm available to everyone. Because understanding rhythm is the key element of Music, he focused on developing a methodical system to make it easy and simple for everyone.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 22m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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