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Online Course Creation: Step by Step Teacher Training

Teacher Training: Comprehensive Online Course Creation Guidance - Your Knowledge into a Course People Will Pay For
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This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

This training provides the step by step guidance you need to turn what you know into a course that people want to enroll in!

Online Teaching for New and Aspiring Udemy instructors!

I will show you the exact method to launch your first online program this week. 
Turn your knowledge into a leveraged online course and add significant amounts of revenue into your bank account each month. Interested?  
I really like Patrick’s course and teaching style. He is easily one of the most enjoyable and informative instructors I’ve learned from on Udemy and I’ve taken hundreds of courses.
This course is delivered with just the right pace, the information is laid out in digestible pieces and the production quality is great. Patrick is also very engaging and easy to listen to.
Some of the courses I’ve taken on Udemy are difficult to get through. They have 15 minute lectures with about 3 minutes of actual content. That is the exact opposite of what you will find in this course. The lectures are short, informative and punchy.
I highly recommend this course. – Ken
Great Content for the Newbie!
I’m working on my first course and I found Patrick’s course very helpful. I found actionable tips and insights throughout that I am using to guide my own work and will save me time. Patrick responds quickly to questions and is truly there to help. Time and money well spent folks and I’m happy to give him five stars! -Shawn
Great course and instructor !
Patrick is an engaging instructor and delivers on his objective with thus course. I watched lectures even if I was already familiar wirth the topic. This course is content rich and enjoyable to view. – Robert
Well Rounded, Well Presented…
Patrick does an excellent job of conveying many aspect of course production that are often overlooked in courses of this type.
Beyond that practical how-to he also clearly demonstrates that defining a plan and tackling each step one by one, the path to success is easily within anyones grasp.
You can do this as well! You can easily learn all you need to know about teaching online and begin making money…while greatly impacting the lives of student around the globe.
In a matter of hours, while working full-time, you can film and publish your very first high quality course, and I’ll hold your hand each and every step of the way. -Robin
Is this course made for you? Here’s a litmus test to find out.
•Are your a busy working professional?
•Do you have something of value to share with others?
•Would making passive revenue from your existing knowledge help your situation?
•Does the thought of creating a course ‘feel’ like a huge undertaking?
•Are you to busy to put ‘life on hold’ while spending countless hours listening to conflicting advice on Youtube or Google?
•Do you want all the information you could possibly need organized, packaged and delivered on-demand straight to your computer screen?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this course is 100% for you, because I walk you through EVERYTHING … the absolute, entire course creation process. And, I do it from scratch.
This complete blueprint has a 100% risk free guarantee. If you feel at any time during the first 30-days of purchase, that it’s not everything you need, then Udemy will give you a 100% – no questions asked refund.
I’m confident you will not return the course!
I look forward to having you as a student…and to receiving a link to your very first course when complete!
If you have questions please ask. I can be reached by clicking on my profile picture at the top of this page.
Patrick Howell
More student comments:
“If I had this course 2 months ago…would have saved me SO much time” Beth
“The best course I have taken for first time users” Joy
“A totally comprehensive course delivered in a down to earth format” Rosie
.”One of the best courses on Udemy by far!” Debbie
“Essential Course” Chriss
It’s an “Online Teaching Must” Linda
“Very informative and succinct” Bryan
“Ready to create my first online course” Kathi
I already saved this course in my favorites” Jerry
•    Learn the Hardware & Software essentials of course creation   
•    Get familiar with both the front-end and back-end of various Marketplaces that will sell your courses for you     
•    Discovering the BEST topics to teach using informative research-based information   
•    Learn the Audio Necessities for a course to become approved   
•    Learn how to make an entire class by recording what’s on your computer screen (Screencasts)   
•Video Editing/Screencast Software options for PC and MAC   
•    Quick and easy video editing for beginners     
•    The simple route to filming lectures with a Webcam   
•    Filming professional SmartPhone lectures   
•    Filming lectures with a plain household pocket camera   
•    Removing background noise in post-production     
  Dynamic Course Development – Secret Strategies: 
•    Discover proven strategies from Positive Psychology that will make you super effective as an online teacher (even if you’ve never been an online student)     
•    How to ensure the long-term success of your course by implementing this tactic!   
•    What is a Best Possible Course revealed   
  Planning Your Course for Success: 
•    A method for brainstorming superb course topics that students are interested in   
•    How to prepare yourself to teach your topic the ‘online way’     
•    Learn how getting to know your ideal student – pays off!   
•    Know how to stand apart from other classes in your topic area   
  Content Creation:  
•Produce your best possible course by incorporating the knowledge you’ve learned     
•    Discover a systematic way to deliver each and every presentation effectively   
•    Learn successful instructor secrets for creating written language that converts   
•    Learn cost effective ways to create prospect conversion videos   
  Pricing and Publishing Your Course 
•    How much should you charge?     
•    How do successful instructors set a price for their courses?     
•    How to make your class ‘even more’ sellable during the publishing phase     
  Marketing Your Course:  
•    How to make your course worthy of remark (remarkable) from prospects     
•    How much of your goods should you let prospects sample?   
•    Learn why some classes show-up in searches on the first page, and how you can to!   
•    Leveraging the power the video you already created and keeping 97% of the profits   
  Tips Tricks and Resources:  
  This student generated section is filled with awesome tips, some you may not know, to help you be successful in developing your current and future online courses.I personally am excited by this section because it could potentially save each of us hours of time and effort.   

You will learn

✓ Cut countless hours off the learning curve and share the things you know with the world
✓ Rediscover your meaning and make a difference in other peoples lives
✓ Earn money each and every month by sharing your knowledge and skill
✓ Publish your first course in a weekend
✓ Become an online instructor from SCRATCH
✓ Eliminate hours of searching “how-to” videos on YouTube
✓ Learn everything you need to know to turn your talent and knowledge into an online course – and learn how to sell it!


• Computer
• Webcam (discussed in class)
• Screencast software (discussed in the class)
• Microphone (discussed in class)

This course is for

• Regardless of your area of knowledge or skill, If you’re new to the concept and practice of teaching online and you want to rediscover your meaning while making money and impacting others, the guidance you will find in this course will enable you to make it happen.

How much does the Online Course Creation: Step by Step Teacher Training course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $12.99. And currently there is a 35% discount on the original price of the course, which was $19.99. So you save $7 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $16.2 of 225 Teacher Training courses on Udemy.

Does the Online Course Creation: Step by Step Teacher Training course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Online Course Creation: Step by Step Teacher Training has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Online Course Creation: Step by Step Teacher Training course, but there is a $7 discount from the original price ($19.99). So the current price is just $12.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Patrick Howell a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Patrick Howell has created 12 courses that got 8,675 reviews which are generally positive. Patrick Howell has taught 57,428 students and received a 4.5 average review out of 8,675 reviews. Depending on the information available, Patrick Howell is a TRUSTED instructor.
Internationally Recognized Life Coach Expert Positive Psych


Stop asking permission . . .

To be amazing.
To have powerful thoughts that WILL change people’s lives.
To launch your business.
To get started.
To tell the world about your life-changing offer.

Some of the best ‘coaching’ I ever got as a young entrepreneur was simply,

“Patrick, Stop Asking for Permission”

Education truly is the best investment for your future.  

My training programs have the potential to change your life.

Patrick Spring Howell


I believe silence in the face of unjust or racist acts is shit.

I believe transformational knowledge needs to be available to everyone regardless of economic status

I believe coaches will change the world. Big time.

I believe innate inner-wisdom is underutilized

I believe if I can do it then sure as heck you can too

I believe that entrepreneurial efforts are the ultimate expression of one’s personal empowerment

I believe in personal transformation

I believe it’s never too late to get your shit ironed-out. Stop believing that crap excuse.

I believe in the capacity of the human spirit. Freakin huge.

I believe the past does not NEED to equal the future

I believe that in challenge lies great opportunity. Hell yes.

I believe in leading a self-directed life

I believe that comfort is waaaaaaaaay overrated

I believe an intellectual spark can light the world

I believe having a joyful relationship with money brings more of it

I believe marketing for life coaches is really not that tricky (it’s always just 1 human being making a decision to not go it alone)

I believe (and experienced) it takes four thoughts for clients to decide to hire

Yeah…I really like her/him

In my bones, I feel I can TRUST him/her to not judge, but help

Damn, they really seem to know their stuff

Hey, I think they can help me



Patrick is the bestselling co-author of Positive Workplace: Positive Psychology American Society of Training & Development Employers Field Manual, executive coach, speaker, and a founding member and Life Coaching Director of the Institute for Advanced Human Performance.               

As a social entrepreneur, Patrick is involved in the courses he instructs and relishes interaction with students from 172 countries.

Patrick’s precise communication style and depth of practice offer students a unique opportunity to engage in learning that brings about sustainable life-changing results.

Recognized as a leading mastermind in applied coaching and positive psychology he is co-author of the groundbreaking Applied Coaching ASTD publication Positive Workplace (ASTD Press @2015).

Life coaching director at the Institute for Advanced Human Performance (2013 – 2017). Patrick continues to work with social-minded entrepreneurs to create sustainable change on many levels.

Patrick and his team continue to effect change within international organizations seeking; engaged employees, workplace well-being, and a promising future for staff and shareholders.

*US Department of Defense 
*Johnson & Johnson
*Meridian Health

CPD/CE (Continuing Professional Development) Provider #776727

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CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 5m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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