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Nutrition for Depression and Low Mood

Learn the basics of how to eat and treat your body for optimal mental health
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This video course and accompanying workbook will teach you how nutrition affects mental health and how to make small shifts in your diet to improve your mood and wellbeing. Getting the nutrients your body needs is a key step in improving mental health and feeling your best. Follow along with the lectures and assignments to get the most out of what you’re learning and see the biggest shift in your mood and well-being.
In this course you’ll get:
•The latest scientific research on diet and mental health
•Tips and tricks for making healthy changes that stick
•Grocery shopping suggestions
•Recipes for whole food meals, desserts, snacks, juices, & smoothies
•Tables for you to fill out to help track your progress
Small steps over time will create amazing changes in your mood! Enroll now to try these science-based recommendations to start to build habits that support your health and well-being. This course will run through all the basics to start implementing meaningful changes into your routine. The animations make it fun and easy to follow along with the course material! Check it out!
The instructor, Lauren, is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and completed her thesis study in holistic treatments for anxiety and depression. She followed these steps & recommendations to improve her own mood and health.

You will learn

✓ Understand what depression is and how it affects the brain and body
✓ Understand how thoughts affect mood and can lead to depressive spirals
✓ Understand how the body responds to and contributes to depression
✓ Understand how exercise and movement can improve mood
✓ Understand how food affects the mind, body, and mood
✓ Recognize triggers and habits that lead to depression spirals
✓ Recognize and deal with negative thought patterns through mindfulness and meditation
✓ Reduce stress through breathing
✓ Use exercise to improve mood
✓ Choose foods that nourish and heal while crowding out unhealthy foods


• Be prepared to make some small and simple changes to you daily routine
• Be open to new ideas and experiences that may challenge you

This course is for

• This course is designed for you if you are:
• Chronically stressed, fatigued, or irritable
• Suffering from loneliness, depression, low-mood, or persistent unhappiness
• Looking to feel happier, more vibrant, and more self-assured
• Looking to make changes in your behaviour that will lead to a more fulfilling life
• Sick and tired and feeling sad all the time and not knowing what to do
• This course is not for you if you have recurring thought of suicide or self-harm (in this case, please seek medical attention)
Certified Holistic Health Coach, Depression Recovery Coach, Yoga Instructor
Lauren Roerick is a certified holistic health coach, specializing in depression recovery. She combines her expertise in nutrition, yoga, and cognitive behavioural therapy principles to provide students with a multi-faceted approach to combatting depression.
Lauren struggled with depression on and off for a couple of years in her early twenties, which led her to explore natural treatments including yoga, meditation, nutrition, and cognitive behavioural therapy. After completing her thesis study on alternative treatments for depression, she felt that this information wasn’t readily accessible in a neat complete package. This is why she’s come to Udemy to teach other’s what she’s learned.
She is also the creator of The Undepression Project, a website that helps to share information on depression treatment and fight the stigma associated with mental illness.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 32m
Language: English
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