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[New] 2021 Google Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Exam

20+ tiny Tips and Tricks. How to analyze keywords. Short Explanations For ALL questions.
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I don’t want to tell you that this practice test is the best in Udemy. But i want to assure that all the content of these practice test will be super easy to digest and remember.

Why is that?
Actually, It takes a lot of time for me (roughly 3 months – from March to June 2021) to collect – prepare – do a lot of research to make sure that:
1.Short and to-the-point
A lot of questions material out there is lengthy and hard to digest. Normally, they will take the text from official website of Google. And of course, these texts are boring and sleepy.
For me, all explanations must be explained LIKE I’M TALKING WITH YOU. I’m always trying to put myself as you to solve the problem. To be honest, as a senior software developer, I hate lengthy explanation. Lengthy explanation only wastes your time and make you confusing quickly. And you will be lost in information forest.

2.Condense information into tiny tips and tricks
I love small tips and tricks in the exam. I bet you love too.
I always try to think and find the smart way to summarize boring knowledge. And you will see A LOT OF TIPS AND TRICKS in these practice test. It will help you memorize key information and have a 10.000ft view of knowledge better.

For example:
You are building an application that stores relational data from users. Users across the globe will use this application. Your CTO is concerned about the scaling requirements because the size of the user base is unknown. You need to implement a database solution that can scale with your user growth with minimum configuration changes. Which storage solution should you use?
A. Cloud SQL
B. Cloud Spanner
C. Cloud Firestore
D. Cloud Datastore

B is correct.

Cloud SQL for small relational data, scaled manually
Cloud Spanner for relational data, scaled automatically
Cloud Firestore for app-based data
Cloud Datastore for non-relational data

Finally, I don’t also want to waste your time reading THIS description. So be confident to give this practice a chance and you know, you will be back money in 30 days if you don’t like.

P/S: if you find these explanations helpful, please leave a good comment. It will motivate me to keep making it better and be also a good reference for other learners. Thanks

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• Candidates are looking for materials included short, concise explanations and a lot of tips and tricks
Senior Cloud Researcher
I’m father of 3-year-old son. Cloud Researcher. React Developer and Dreamer of small startup.

I was born in Viet Nam and you know my english is not pretty good. BUT GOOD ENOUGH to explain technical things to help you understand quickly.

Why that? Because I only know how to use some simple English phrase. It turns out my unexpected advantages. 

As you see, simple english phrase makes you digest knowledge quickly. Trust me. Everything will be easier in simple English.

One thing i love and challenge myself so much is explain complex technical things into simple ones and help learners to get a 10.000 ft overview of knowledge easily. This will help you memorize key information quicker and longer. And you will not be lost in information forest.
Platform: Udemy
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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