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Modern Design Patterns with Java EE 8

Your concise guide to implementing popular design patterns with Java EE 8
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Patterns! Patterns!! Patterns!!! 
Design patterns are a very import concept in modern software development. There are a number of very popular patterns that have been tried and tested over the years. The Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns especially, have stood the test of time. This course aims at teaching you how to implement the most popular of the GoF design patterns using nothing but the Java EE standards API. 
You will learn how to implement the
•Singleton Pattern
•Observer Pattern
•Abstract Factory Pattern
•Decorator Pattern
•Factory Method PatternAs well as gain a fair idea of how the Java EE platform itself implements the 
•Façade Pattern
•Object Pool Pattern
•Proxy PatternThis course is packed with code samples and in-depth explanations of the use of all the Java EE API constructs. 
So you’ve ever desired to be able to incorporate design patterns into your project, or get a fair idea of how to realize them using the pure Java EE APIs without any third party libraries, then enroll in this course and be on your way to design pattern mastery with Java EE 8!
Signup now and #beAble to implement modern design patterns with Java EE 8!
See you in class.

You will learn

✓ Implement the Singleton Pattern with Java EE APIs
✓ Implement the Observer Pattern with Java EE APIs
✓ Implement the Abstract Factory Pattern with Java EE APIs
✓ Implement the Decorator Pattern with Java EE APIs
✓ Implement the Factory Method Patternrn with Java EE APIs
✓ Understand the concepts behind design pattern implementation
✓ Know when to use which pattern
✓ Know how to use various Java EE APIs to achieve specific results


• Java 8 Development Environment
• NetBeans or IntelliJ IDE
• Glassfish application server
• Fair knowledge of the Java Programming language
• A fair basic understanding of Java EE programming concepts

This course is for

• Java developers who need to implement design patterns
• Java developers who want to explore the power of Java EE
• Java EE developers who need to understand how to use the Java EE APIs
• Java developers seeking to explore Java EE
• Application developers seeking to improve application design with design patters
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 58m
Language: English
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