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Modern Dance Beginner Course

I have compiled an online series of exercises that you can start practising, from the beginner level.
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Online Modern/ ContemporaryDance Course
You can build the basictechnics and body awarness of the modern dance.
What is included in the course:
•floor technic- how to be smooth and gentle on the floor. How to move without hurting ourself.
•coordination excercises
•dancer srtengthening excersises
•how to relax trough movemnts
Course discraption:
1.Floor excercises on spot:step by step we warm up our body, we give some space and time to getto know the touch of the floor better.
2.Moving floor excercises: wedeveloping our muscels trough moving, improving the way of using thefloor. We building up the way of going up and down from the floor.
3.Standing excercises: relaxingthe muscels trough moving, developing our muscels and coordination.Simple combinations.
4.Moving excercises:combinations, coordination.

“Modern dance” is an umbrella term that covers agreat variety of techniques and dance methods. Even if you take upthis form of dance at a later age, you have a greater chance ofbecoming a modern dancer precisely because of the freedom thatcharacterizes modern dance. However, if you are doing it for fun,and/or with another motivation, I can still highly recommend it.
Welearn floorwork elements (What’s our relationship with the floor?How softly can we get down on the floor? How can you avoid hurtingyourself when you reach the floor?).I teach certain fixed techniquesthat contribute to muscle development, stretch the body and improvecoordination.
There are also elements/methods of improvisation in thecourses. In these, you can experience yourself within flexibleboundaries. I help you to arrive in your own body and to experience akind of freedom.In modern dance, it is the music that carries you,and the experience is yours. You need to face your challenges withinthe framework of movement. Why would we miss any opportunity when wecan dance, be ourselves, find a form of expression? In modern dance,we play between the sky and the earth. We take the energy of theearth and grow roots beneath the surface, but at times we reach up tothe sky, defying gravity.

You will learn

✓ to move with more body awarness, you will have stronger muscels, you will be more flexible, you will have better coordination


• nothing

This course is for

• anyone who wants to move, learn some technic
professional dancer, teacher, masseur, makeup artist

When I was 4, I went to my mum and asked her to take me to ballet class because I wanted to be a ballerina. I’ve been dancing ever since. This is what I’ve been doing my whole life. It is through dancing that I’ve developed physically as well as mentally. Whatever I learnt there, I tried to implement in my everyday life as well. I felt already at a very young age that moving my body is the best thing that could happen to me. I loved it then and I still love it today. The best feeling is when I myself become the movement instead of just moving my body. Dancing encompasses everything that intrigues me: the discovery of our potential, music, self-awareness, energies, emotions and states.
Work:Red Noses Clown Doctors- artist                                        Csokonai National Theater as artisitc leader of dance   Compagnie Pál Frenák                                                       Klári Pataky Dance Company                                             Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company                                       Royal Swedish Ballet                                                           CIDT Company                                                                     Ballet Company of Győr                                                     National Theater of Győr                                                  
Prizes:Gold prize, New Generation International Ballet Competition       Silver prize, New Generation International Ballet Competition        Bronze prize, duo senior show category, World Championship       Silver prize, duo senior show category, Dance Europe Championship      Gold prize, duo junior show category, World Championship           
Award:Kardirex Young Talent Award                                      La femme- the 50 hungarian young talent         
Scholarship:Zoltan Imre Scholarship -to research acient dance metthods for selfknowlidgement in India 2018       
Teaching experiences:Balett Akademien Stockholm SwayDans skolan- StockholmPal Frenak Campagnie workshop (pedagogy program)Modern Dance Play Studio (Hungary)My own groups in Hungary         

Choreographers I worked with:Christopher Bruce: The Rooster ( Ruby Tuesday )Roberth North: The Death and the Maiden, CarmenBen van Cauwenbergh, Dimitrij Simkin: Keep Smiling Chaplin, QueenDimitrij Simkin, James Sutherland,: PetrushkaGábor Bakó: The red lamp house, Footloose (musicals)Louise Kvarby, Jesper Papmehl Dufay: Reaktiva projektioner (freelancing)Anisa Hasson Abas: Petra and the wolf (the cat) (freelancing)Lotta Melin: La Buena Muerte (freelancing)Sigge Modigh: Welcome Home, Re:Birth, Black Swans, Short stories (freelancing)Örjan Andersson: Exposition and the bodyVirpi Pahkinen: Volti Subito (freelancing)Klári Pataky: Mai Manó performance, Jegyzetek, We live happily (freelancing)Pál Frenák: Birdie, Tricks & Tracks 2, InTimE, ManNoNo – solo (freelancing)
Owner and founder of:Move from your soul
Other studies:Basic Make up artist Cryolan Professional Make up School The Gate of Knowlidge (Buddhist University) Marma Yoga practisionar Abyangam massage therapist (Rishikes, India) Red Noses Clown Doctors

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 45m
Language: English
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