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Miracle Academy

A short course on how to receive and perform miracles
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MIRACLES are extraordinary solutions to human problems that first appear as if there is no solution. Miracles are God’s supernatural manifestations of love to mankind with the intention to solve problems and make life easier for man. One good thing about miracle is that though it is God’s work, it is always done or worked or performed by man. God love man so much that ALL His miracles are done by the man He loves and chooses. Every single man on earth falls into that category, he loves and choose you, that’s why you are born into this world.
The red sea was divided by Moses, God told him, “… stretch your rod toward the sea and divide it” Exodus 14: 16. God told Moses to divide the red sea, God did it, but Moses worked it out. In the New Testament, there are nine gifts of the Spirit, all of those gifts were called GIFTS except the working of miracles, see 1Corinthians 12: 1-12. All miracles are works or blessings, or favour of God, but a man must be ready to take delivery of it by working it out.
Someone said “miracles are only what God can do”, that is true, but there is nowhere in any scriptures where God performed a single miracle without using a man. The truth is that God CANNOT work any miracles without using a MAN. Many are waiting for God, begging God to do a miracle while GOD is all the time waiting for them to take action that will lead them to work a miracle.
In Miracle Academy, my aim is to show you what to do to work out your own miracles, there is a miracle in you that is begging to be let out. This course will teach you how to discover that thing on the inside of you that have large capacity to work miracles. Every MAN and woman has got that creative ability and intelligence to work out miracles. When you learn to connect with your inner power, working miracles will be as simple as ABC. enrol for this course and learn the secret.
Miracles are products of personal faith in God and His imbedded power and ability already deposited in you at birth, and so, i cannot guarantee  that you will get a miracle when you complete this course. No guarantee because your personal faith is involved, your ability to take daring steps of Faith is also involved, no man on earth can do that for you. I will show you however all the qualities that miracle workers and inventors have in common, and if followed, you will succeed in all endeavours of life.

You will learn

✓ This course will show you what miracles are
✓ Students will understand that though God is the worker of miracles, He always use man to operate them
✓ That every man is a spirit and have the spiritual ability to ask for and expect miracles in his life
✓ These miracles are done in the spiritual realm, hence the instructor of this course cannot guarantee anyone a miracle since each miracle depends on an individual’s faith
✓ Miracles are real and everyone who believes can ask for and receive, this course shows you how to ask for miracles


• Willingness and a desire to learn new things
• Open mind and little knowledge of the Bible

This course is for

• This course is for Christians who desire to know more about the miraculous
• For ministers of the Gospel like Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers and those involved in other forms of christian work
• Those who have the call of God on their lives and desire to know how God works miracles through man
• Normal Christians who desire to receive a miracle through faith in Jesus Christ
• Anyone who is interested
Pastor at Prevailing Church/Motivational Speaker
Joseph Adenuga is the Pastor of Prevailing Church Of Christ, Bethlehem, South Africa, he is teacher by calling and training. A Mathematician turned preacher, God is using him mightily to teach, preach and perform signs and wonders through faith in the word of God. His teaching ministry has helped so many people around the world, ministers of God inclusive, this platform was created by him to reach out to teach more people some of the wealth of knowledge bestowed on him.Joseph graduated with B.Sc Ed Mathematics Education from the University Of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria in 1988. He got married to the love of his life, Ruth Olabisi in the year 1993, November 20th, and they are blessed with godly children. He founded Sunny Day Model School, a nursery, primary and secondary institution in the year 1992. He established the Success Dimension Church Ibadan, Nigeria in the year 2005, 6th of February and travelled to South Africa in the year 2013, October 30th, to pioneer the Prevailing Church of Christ, Bethlehem, South Africa where he is presently the presiding pastor.Courses taught by Pastor Joseph Adenuga have solid biblical principles and foundations at the back of them, these courses are for born again Christians and those who love the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Enrol for one, two or more of his courses and your life will not remain the same if you follow the teachings. Be blessed and remain blessed. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 55m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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