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Mindfulness Life Coach Certification Practitioner Accredited

Learn mindfulness and become a certified mindfulness life coach: therapeutic mindful personal transformation strategies
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Students who complete this course are eligible to apply for a complimentary Accredited CSA Mindfulness Life Coach Certification (12-B.4  Member in Good Standing with 14 Continuing Professional Development Credit Hours). 
Accredited certificates are awarded on a 1-year basis with the option to extend or renew.
Providing you complete the course on the Udemy platform, and are approved by the CSA Application Review Team, you’ll be granted permission to display your CSA Teaching credentials to both current and prospective clients.
(Provider No: 776727)
Patrick Spring Howell is recognized as a top Udemy instructor in the life coaching category (52,000 students | 172 countries).
This program includes access to a thriving community of more than 3,500 active life coaches, professionals, and personal growth enthusiasts. Together we strive to answer your questions within 24 hours.

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?
Do you want to benefit from exponential personal growth? 
Do you want to make money doing what you love?
Have you always wanted to step into a helping profession?

Right now is the best time to become a life coach. The life coaching industry is a $4 billion industry.  And, it is growing at an incredible pace. The American Society of Training and Development anticipates the industry to grow at a faster pace than any other service based industry.
Whether you are new to life coaching and mindfulness or a seasoned professional, this training will guide you through basic and advanced interventions to help you to transform your client’s life and your own.

Never underestimate – you can be a life coach.
Help others transform, experience fulfillment, re-awaken, and discover the beauty life has to offer, reduce anxiety and stress, become emotionally healthy, and gain unwavering confidence and purpose in life.

There are multiple compulsory writing and reflection assignments within this course.  Students working toward formal certification should anticipate spending approximately 20 additional hours in self-study.  This course can easily be completed within 2-3 weeks (depending on your time commitment).  There is NO time limit for completing this course.  Once enrolled in this training, and all course materials, are yours for a lifetime.

You do NOT need to hold a current life-coaching diploma to enroll in this Mindfulness Certificate Course.  In fact, many students enroll in this Specialty Training as a reflective life tool, and for personal or family reasons.

The Mindfulness Life Coach Specialization Certificate is valid for two years from issuance and may be renewed with proof of continuing education anytime within a three-month window of expiration.  

This is a complete Specialization life coach training program led by Patrick Howell – an internationally recognized leading expert in the life coaching field, and former Dale Carnegie Training Institute, Global Leadership Coach

Offered in the course is a complimentary optional assessment. If you decide to take the optional assessment you will be required to temporarily leave the Udemy learning platform to visit a Not For Profit website.   Taking the assessment is not a requirement for the completion of this course.  If however, you choose to take the assessment, the outside provider may require an email address and/or other personal details.  Neither this training course nor it’s instructional team have affiliation with the assessment provider.

★★★★★ “Absolutely brilliant course! Patrick’s knowledge and insights opened up a whole new approach in how I am wanting to develop my own life coaching and meditation practice!” – Jennifer
★★★★★ “I have followed a 27-hour course on Udemy which claimed I would be a Mindfulness master practitioner after completing it. However, Patrick’s 3-hour course has given my a LOT more experience, insights and valuable lessons than the course I followed earlier. There are lots of different moments to reflect and interact. Patrick also explains everything in a to the point and listener friendly way. This is the best course I’ve followed on Udemy thus far!! – Roel
★★★★★”I would give this course 10 stars if I could, I absolutely loved it!” – Tanya

Who is the target audience for this training?
•This course is well-suited for the typical practitioners of Mindfulness Practices including; life coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, pastors, organizational leaders, wellness professionals, and loving parents
•Students searching for ways to contribute to society from within a helping profession
•This Specialty Training is ideal for those interested in Mindful and Cognitive Behavioral Practices that are related to integrative wellness
•Growth-seekers working towards self-actualization
•Coaches-in-training who want to provide substantial guidance and direction to their clients
•Wellness professionals in need of continuing education units

+In order to promote exceptional coaching practices you are advised to use this training program within the boundaries of your expertise.  The course author is not responsible for unauthorized usage of this training program.

You will learn

✓ Accredited 14 CPD Continuing Education (CE) Hours – provider #776727
✓ Free customizable coaching handouts for use in your practice
✓ Mindfulness for professional use or as a personal reflective life tool
✓ Official specialty certification in the established field of life coaching
✓ Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and others
✓ Enhance resilience and bounce back from hard life experiences
✓ Develop your coaching expertise and business practice
✓ Manage difficult emotional issues
✓ Develop clear focus for important tasks


• This accredited training can be taken at your own pace and can typically be completed in 2-3 weeks

This course is for

• Well-suited for; life coaches, therapists, counselors, teachers, social workers, pastors, organizational leaders, wellness professionals and parents
• Students searching for ways to contribute to society from within a helping profession
• This Specialty Training is ideal for those interested in Mindful and Cognitive Behavioral Practices that are related to integrative wellness
• Growth-seekers working towards self-actualization
• Coaches-in-training who want to provide substantial guidance and direction to their clients
• Wellness professionals in need of continuing education units
Chief Strategist
Stop asking permission . . .
To be amazing.To have powerful thoughts that WILL change people’s lives.To launch your business.To get started.To tell the world about your life-changing offer.
Some of the best ‘coaching’ I ever got as a young entrepreneur was simply,
“Patrick, Stop Asking for Permission”

Education truly is the best investment for your future.  
My training programs have the potential to change your life.
Love,Patrick Spring Howell
I believe silence in the face of unjust or racist acts is shit.
I believe transformational knowledge needs to be available to everyone regardless of economic status
I believe coaches will change the world. Big time.
I believe innate inner-wisdom is underutilized
I believe if I can do it then sure as heck you can too
I believe that entrepreneurial efforts are the ultimate expression of one’s personal empowerment
I believe in personal transformation
I believe it’s never too late to get your shit ironed-out. Stop believing that crap excuse.
I believe in the capacity of the human spirit. Freakin huge.
I believe the past does not NEED to equal the future
I believe that in challenge lies great opportunity. Hell yes.
I believe in leading a self-directed life
I believe that comfort is waaaaaaaaay overrated
I believe an intellectual spark can light the world
I believe having a joyful relationship with money brings more of it
I believe marketing for life coaches is really not that tricky (it’s always just 1 human being making a decision to not go it alone)
I believe (and experienced) it takes four thoughts for clients to decide to hire
Yeah…I really like her/him
In my bones, I feel I can TRUST him/her to not judge, but help
Damn, they really seem to know their stuff
Hey, I think they can help me
Patrick is the bestselling co-author of Positive Workplace: Positive Psychology American Society of Training & Development Employers Field Manual, executive coach, speaker, and a founding member and Life Coaching Director of the Institute for Advanced Human Performance.               
As a social entrepreneur, Patrick is involved in the courses he instructs and relishes interaction with students from 172 countries.
Patrick’s precise communication style and depth of practice offer students a unique opportunity to engage in learning that brings about sustainable life-changing results.
Recognized as a leading mastermind in applied coaching and positive psychology he is co-author of the groundbreaking Applied Coaching ASTD publication Positive Workplace (ASTD Press @2015).
Life coaching director at the Institute for Advanced Human Performance (2013 – 2017). Patrick continues to work with social-minded entrepreneurs to create sustainable change on many levels.
Patrick and his team continue to effect change within international organizations seeking; engaged employees, workplace well-being, and a promising future for staff and shareholders.
*AT&T*US Department of Defense *Comcast *Johnson & Johnson *Meridian Health *NAVAIR 
INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS CPD/CE (Continuing Professional Development) Provider #776727
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 57m
Language: English
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