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Mindfully Manage Yourself At Work 2

Course 2: Conflicts & Mental Framework
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Conflicts happen all the time.
They are a normal part of life.
So, if conflicts are a normal part of life, why aren’t we all experts at resolving them? And why do we feel like they are a tremendous challenge, especially when we have to deal with someone who doesn’t share the same ideas, perspectives, or ways of doing things?
In this course, we begin by investigating the nature of our conflicts and the behavioral patterns we display when we have to deal with them.
We use exercises and case scenarios throughout the course to give you both a bird’s-eye view and a ground-level view of:
•How we can recognize our chain reaction to negative assumptions and differences
•What triggers other people to start their cycle of conflict
•The reactions to clashing mental frameworks
We apply this knowledge to our 4-Step process that takes you on a journey that will help you cease conflicts. This process can help you build stronger relationships with your colleagues or team members, making cooperation and collaboration much easier and more effective.
By the end of this course, you will learn how to be comfortable with differences and changes, and you will be able to develop strategies for a positive outcome to conflicts you may experience.
So, join us, learn about yourself, learn about others, and enjoy the course!

You will learn

✓ Gain insights about mindfully deaing with people who have different views and ideas
✓ Investigate the nature of your conflicts by applying the “mental framework” methodology
✓ Examine your behavioral patterns when dealing with conflicts
✓ Understand your unconscious behaviors, actions, assumptions and values to help resolve conflicts
✓ Explore your cycle of conflict created by your own mental chatter and stories
✓ Develop strategies for dealing with people who have different perceptions, perspectives, ideas and opinions that can contribute to potential conflicts
✓ Gain skills to better collaborate with others by understanding different mental frameworks


• Mindfully Manage Yourself At Work Course 1: Mindfulness & Hidden Values

This course is for

• Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, and Social Group Leaders
• Individuals seeking mindfulness and self-awareness
• Individuals interested in developing their leadership skills and pursuing a more collaborative social and work environment
Cross-Cultural Management Trainer
April Yacoub is an American executive leadership coach and cross-cultural training facilitator who brings a global perspective to her work after having lived over 20 years in Japan, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, and Israel, and working with Fortune 500 companies. She has extensive experience in developing training content based on organizational and individual cultural knowledge gaps. Her passion for building relationships, developing leaders, and promoting synergy across business lines to drive positive change and innovation inspired her to develop a Global Collaboration Competencies program that has helped improve global team dynamics and communication, and her Pre-Departure programs have helped prepare individuals and their families to thrive professionally and socially in their temporary ex-pat assignments.
Ms. Yacoub has co-written several blogs for Association for Talent Development on international business experiences such as Get to Work of Get to Know: A Close-Up on Diverse Cultures; Am I Polite Enough for Your Country; and Does it Matter Where You Sit in a Meeting? She has developed with Taka Muraji and Mala Subramaniam Coffee Break Webinars addressing topics such as What Does Diversity and Inclusion Mean in China and India, and Diversity and Appreciation. April Yacoub received her Master of Science degree in Development and International Relations from Aalborg University in Denmark and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the University of California, San Diego. 

Platform: Udemy
Video: 51m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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