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Micrium uC/OS-III RTOS Programming From Ground Up™ on ARM

Build RealTime embedded applications with Micrium uC/OS-III RTOS. Practice on STM32 and TIVA C boards
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This course teaches you the foundations of real-time systems and how to build real-time applications using Micrium’s uC /OS-III,one of the most popular industry grade real-time operating systems  for embedded systems.  The course gives a detailed overview of the characteristics of the uC/OS real-time kernel,  provides a detailed tutorial of the API’s to implement the various features of the   uC/OS RTOS  and then goes on to build about 50 real-time projects .
This course does not assume prior knowledge of real-time systems and application programming. By the end of this course you should be able to build your own multitask uC/OS  real-time applications which use all the features of a modern realtime application (such as semaphores, mutexes, event flags, hooks, queues, mailboxes etc )and  test their performance.You should also be able to : Calculate the CPU Utilization of an RTOS, Understand Rate Monotonic Schedulers,port uC/OS to any ARM processor,Understand RoundRobin Schedulers,Understand Weighted-RoundRobin Schedulers, Understand First Come First Served Schedulers,Understand the Internals of an RTOS kernel, Implement and explain popular scheduling algorithms and so much more. Please take a look at the full course curriculum.

You will learn

✓ Build Multitask real-time applications with uC/OS
✓ Port uC/OS to any ARM Processor
✓ Master uC/OS Task Management features
✓ Master uC/OS Resource Management features
✓ Master uC/OS Task Synchronization features
✓ Master uC/OS Event Management features
✓ Calculate the CPU Utilization of an RTOS
✓ Understand the Internals of an RTOS Kernel
✓ Implement and explain popular scheduling algorithms
✓ Give a lecture on uC/OS RealTime Kernel
✓ Master uC/OS Interrupt Management features
✓ Master uC/OS Time Management features
✓ Master uC/OS Interrupt Run-Time statistics features
✓ Build a board support package from scratch
✓ Understand Rate Monotonic Schedulers
✓ Understand First Come First Served Scheduler
✓ Understand RoundRobin Schedulers
✓ Understand Weighted-RoundRobin Schedulers


• Having basic C programming skills is a plus

This course is for

• Embedded Systems Engineers
• Computer Engineering students
• Computer Engineering students
• Hobbyists
• Embedded Systems Instructors
Embedded Firmware Engineer
My name is Israel, I have been researching and working in the embedded system space for over 7 years. On Udemy I have trained  tens of thousands of students in embedded systems focusing on topics such as Assembly Programming, Real-time Operating Systems Design, Firmware Development and Digital Signal Processing. I am able to teach these topics because in my everyday work I apply concepts from these topics.Join one of my courses and see how it goes. You can always request a refund.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 8h 8m
Language: English
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