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Meteorology 101 Part 2

Learn how to track and recognize various weather patterns in real time
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Did you know that weather affects us all everyday of the year? Would you like to become more aware of the weather terms and systems that real meteorologists use on television? This course will help give you the tools you need to understand weather and its general effects on our lives. We will learn about the basics of hurricane and tornado formation, explore broadcast meteorology RADAR, and learn about various weather terminology and systems that affect our daily lives. 
•You will use real tools that broadcast weather presenters use such as the RADARSCOPE application and storm track applications.
•You will experience the process behind hurricane formation and learn what makes them so special yet dangerous. 
•You will grow in your knowledge of weather terminology by discovering fronts, weather systems, and learning about special features and scales you might see used on programs like the Weather Channel. 

Have you always wondered how weather works in the real world? Do you wish for a practical meteorology guide lesson to help you with the basis for success in any class? Take this course as we learn together the basics of forecasting and some weather terminology you will need to succeed in weather forecasting.

You will learn

✓ Beginner Level Forecasting and Weather Terminolgy
✓ Learn about how weather affect our daily lives


• Be able to understand basic weather terms
• Be able to see weather maps and forecasting clues

This course is for

• Beginner Weather Students and Weather Geeks
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 3m
Language: English
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