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Mergers & Acquisitions – M&A, Valuation & Selling a Company

Mergers and Acquisitions - Step by Step M&A, Company Valuation, Negotiation Skills, Business Plans and Finance
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Welcome to my World… of Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Selling Companies
This is my Corporate Finance Course – for you
If you are an Entrepreneur, a Senior Manager or a Business School Student – this is going to help you!
Are you struggling to master M&A?  Then let’s join forces as I have nearly 30 years experience in this field!
Let me explain:
•Tactics and Tips
And much more!
In M&A the difference between right and catastrophic can cost you a fortune, some times literally millions of dollars.
As an adviser, I have been there many, many times in the last 29 years.  I have seen good, sometimes even great. And I have seen downright awful!  (Of course, that was good news if I was on the other side at the time).
So this course is for you…
These are my real insights from my experience, pulled together to help you understand some of the pitfalls of the sales process which will hopefully prepare you for your company’s sale.
You don’t have to follow my advice here, but you have nothing to lose by checking it out and then using what works for you!
This is my Corporate Finance Centre of Excellence and all my Corporate Finance content will be updating in this course – I will no longer create more and more related courses, so join me today and tell me what you want me to add to improve the course!
Above all, I want your company’s sale to be a success.  Hopefully, this will help. And if it does, even a little bit, the value multiplier for you could still be worth thousands of dollars.

What makes us qualified to teach you?
This is a Finance course taught by a 30+ year, Managing Director level, Investment Banker – from a practical perspective – I also have an MBA (with Distinction).
Over 101,000 students have enrolled in my Udemy courses, this is what one of them said about this course:
” I like the course and the approach of John Colley. I believe I shall be able to achieve what I want through this course. I am looking forward to deeper and great understanding of the subject as this course will help me to make a career in Credit Analysis” R.R. Five Star
Our Promise
I have been teaching on Udemy since 2014 and am fully committed to it. If you have any questions about the content or anything related to any topic, you can reach out with your questions at any time and I always do my best to respond promptly
Don’t forget that this course (and all my courses) benefit from Udemy’s money back guarantee!
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A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this finance course.
Come, join me today, enroll in the Course and discover how you can discover what Corporate Finance, M&A and Selling Companies is all about!
Best regards

You will learn

✓ Better understand what is meant by Mergers and Acquisitions
✓ Approach the sale of their company with greater confidence
✓ Better understand the role of Advisers and how to manage them
✓ Gain valuable insights into the Sales Process to avoid making expensive mistakes
✓ Better understand Corporate Valuation
✓ Gain an introduction to Negotiation and Term Sheets
✓ Find out what is important to both sides in a Management Buyout (MBO)


• No prior knowledge is assumed
• No materials required

This course is for

• Any Entrepreneur considering selling a business at some point in the future and wants to improve their knowledge of Mergers and Acquisitions
• Students of Investment Banking, Corporate Finance or Mergers and Acquisitions who want to gain insights not in their text books
• Professional Advisers who believe they can still learn a thing or two about Mergers and Acquisitions
• Senior Managers who need to improve their Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions knowledge
Investment Banking | Business| Entrepreneurship | Finance
Why are over 100,000 students enrolled in my online courses?
1. I teach with passion from my experience with my students my first priority.
2. My courses will help you to achieve your goals and change your life today.
3. My dedication to teaching! Udemy even named a meeting room after me in their office.
► Try enrolling in a course with me and see for yourself ◄
How can I harness my experience to help you?
Check out my courses to find out
If you don’t find what you need, ask me.
“Fantastically put together course and content – very informative and lecturer was very knowledgeable and insightful! Highly Recommend for anyone interested in learning the Fundamentals of PE / VC” Aakarsh
“Very helpful, relevant and insightful I am a professional in Investment Banking and I learned a lot about the processes that senior bankers (VP’s and MD’s) deal with on a regular basis in detail: Section 4 and onwards was what I was looking for before I purchased the course and I feel my needs were met beyond expectations. One could inaccurately be “concerned” because of the short durations of the videos and think that the content is “brief”, “light” or “superficially” covered – it definitely isn’t: I’ve never seen videos in which, literally, every second contained information completely relevant and essential to the topic. I frequently paused videos to take notes. Also the attachments provided as guidance are very detailed and insightful.” Daniel
About John Colley, MA, MBA
John is a best selling online instructor, investment banker, international speaker and entrepreneur, whose eLearning courses have been featured on Forbes, The Economist and many other professional platforms.
Over a City of London Investment Banking Career of nearly 30 years, John, the Founder of Six Minute Strategist Consulting, has been teaching over 75,000 students on Udemy since 2013.
In his City career John has:
** Floated  companies on the London Stock Exchange
** Worked on British Government Privatisations
** Advised on Hostile Takeovers
** Originated a $300m acquisition in the Far East for a European cement company
** Originated deals for Private Equity Firms
** Raised capital for dozens of Technology companies from Start Ups to Mid Sized companies
** In Mergers and Acquisitions, sold public and private companies
** Worked closely with a wide range of Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms
** Founder and helped managed two Investment Banking Boutiques in London
With two degrees from Cambridge University (Bachelors and Masters), an MBA with Distinction from Cass Business School, John also graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (the UK’s West Point) as an Army Officer. His MBA Dissertation won the Tallow Chandler’s Prize for the Best MBA Dissertation in his graduating year 1993.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 10m
Language: English
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