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Mental Self Defense and Combat Psychology

Tap into Your Mind's Secret Abilities in Psychological Defense Level 1 - Human Behavior, Survival, Body-Language
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We, in the modern world are obsessed with fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes.  It is practically inhuman for someone to be so astute that they can identify nearly invisible details in any situation. These fantasies are no longer as far-fetched as we once believed.
Back in the early 2000’s the US Military researched and studied various methods to create better and smarter Soldiers. They wanted military personnel to be able to read a person’s intentions anywhere and everywhere. After much dutiful study, research and testing, the military finally released a program to do just that.
This is the first course of six courses, diving into the realms of situational awareness, human behavior, body language and biological indicators. In this course, you will begin with the basics of understanding how to use your senses to become a habitual radar. Additionally, you will learn how to prepare for an emergency in the same manner displayed from characters like Jason Bourne.
Whether you are former military or if you’ve never taken a self-defense course, this will help you see the world differently and through a new lens. The world will reveal details you never noticed before.
Are you ready? 

You will learn

✓ Your “secret abilities” to create a 360 degree radar
✓ Our 3-step method to expand and hone your awareness
✓ 7-Hacks to keep from being caught off guard
✓ Our Trifecta system to plan and prepare for any emergency scenario
✓ The pivotal decision making system made famous by US Air Force jet fighters


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This course is for

• Anyone interested in self-defense
• Anyone interested in safety
• Teachers
• High School & College Students
• Solo Travelers
• Police Officers or Security
• Military or Veterans
• Private Eyes’
Lead Instructor at TAPP Ltd
I am a former Army Captain who recently departed the military to pursue other goals. While I was in, I was trained at the Army’s Advanced Situational Awareness school in Fort Benning, GA.
Once I left the military, I recognized the training was being underutilized in American society. This brilliant training, which allows you to read situations like Sherlock Holmes, needs to be brought into the light.
Every time a tragedy occurs we ask, “Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening?” Yes, and it is right here. It is comprehensive and yet so simple that anyone can use it.
I am dedicated to using my knowledge to teach you how to be a hero because that is what this world needs more of, real heroes.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 48m
Language: English
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