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Menstrulean, The 28 day Menstrual cycle weight loss program

The diet and training program tailored to your monthly menstrual cycle
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Menstrulean is a scientificly proven weight loss and training program. It is designed for woman by woman.
In this course, you will learn to sync your monthly menstrual cycle with your diet and training program. You will learn everything you need to know about the female menstrual cycle, how it effects and influences your hormones and the impact it has on your weight and training. You will learn about weight loss, calories and macros, your ideal weight and about different diet strategies that we implemented during the 28 day cycle, as well as the best training methods during each phase of the month to maximise weight loss, and to have more energy and vitality throughout the month. We will show you how to care for your body in the best way possible. The diet includes amazing recipes, so that there will be no cravings for food that is not good for you. Menstrulean is a complete holistic approach based on science. 
We did it all for you, included in this course is my award winning diet & training program that helped so many woman lose weight and achieved the body of their dreams. This course will change your life. I highly recommend it for fitness trainers and coaches to implement this program with their female clients.

You will learn

✓ This is a complete course on the female monthly menstrual cycle and how it effect their weight loss and training.
✓ They will lean how weight loss works and how to implement a calorie deficit to lose weight.
✓ They will learn what type of exercises are best during the different menstrual phases and when they can push harder for beer results and when to go slower.
✓ They will learn what foods to eat during the different phases of their monthly menstrual cycle and how food and diet can effect the hormones & weight loss a


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This course is for

• Woman, Fitness, nutrition and wellness or lifestyle coaches
Teacher and coach , Fitness and Nutrition profesional
I am  a certified FITNESS TRAINER, Sports Nutritionist, Weightloss, transformation and wellness coach. It is my passion to help Woman transform their lifestyle and to empower them in every aspect of their lives. I love to work with other coaches and trainers to help them build and grow their business. Fitness and nutrition is my passion, I am always learning and researching and love to give back by teaching what I know, experienced and learned. I have helped many people lose weight and transform their bodies. I love competing and preparing for competitions, pushing myself to be the best I can be.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 41m
Language: English
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