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Menopause: From one healthy state to another

Taking control of your menopause and finding joy in your new stage of life
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Menopause is an important time physically, mentally and emotionally. Women may have negative connotations and generally worry about going through this transition. This course gives you all the information you need to support yourself and enjoy this time of incredible change and freedom. You will gain full explanations of what is happening and why, alongside self help information in order to order to find the approaches that work for you.
We will cover:
PLANNING – Explaining why it is important to think about menopause and make a plan to experience this important transition positively.
THE PROCESS – What happens and why from peri-menopause to post menopause. How the process can be a well balanced and smooth transition from one healthy state to another healthy state.
PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS – What to expect and why.  When symptoms become disproportional and how to re-balance your hormones. The difference between what you may have to cope with and what needs correcting. Covering hot flushes, changes in bleed, dryness, bone health, weight gain, sleep, the role of oestrogen.
MENTAL & EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS – A detailed discussion on how hormones influence your emotional responses. Covering anxiety, mood swings, lack of confidence, depression, anger and fear of change. Includes information about the role of HRT
TAKING BACK CONTROL – The joy of post menopausal life.  Making time for things that you may have put aside.  Covering creativity and positive visualisation.
MOVING FORWARD – Practical help, including EFT, yoga, bellydance, journalling and  how to enjoy the 3rd age
This course is taught by Anne Hope, an expert therapist and homeopathic counsellor who specialises in women’s health and hormonal changes, and Alison Theaker a transformative Life Coach with experience in higher education, business coaching and creativity development.

You will learn

✓ How to plan and prepare for menopause to ensure this is a smooth and positive time of transition.
✓ What happens to your hormones before, during and after menopause.
✓ What to expect to experience physically and emotionally during menopause.
✓ How to spot and correct unpleasant symptoms that affect your quality of life.
✓ How to use a range of natural alternatives including homeopathy, Bach Remedies, Bush Flower Remedies, herbal supplements and vitamins to find balance and calm.
✓ An introduction to practical solutions including EFT, yoga, bellydance and journaling.
✓ How to enjoy the freedom that the change in hormones delivers in this third stage of life.


• No prior knowledge is required for this course.

This course is for

• This course is intended for women in their 30s to 50s but women of any age can benefit.
• Any woman concerned about their hormones and health.
• Anyone who wants to know more about menopause, and why it is such a important part of life.
• Those who have friends and family undergoing menopause, to be informed about how to support women at this point
Homeopathic Counsellor and Yoga Teacher
I have worked in Women’s Refuge, and a Drug Rehabilitation Facility specialising with women & children, and have worked with many women in difficult life changing situations. It became clear how very stressful situations can affect women holistically, causing many physical symptoms including hormonal problems and difficult menstrual cycles.
Working with women who are struggling with their cycles, having fertility or menopausal problems has become my specialism. For 10 years I worked with a colleague in a specialist fertility clinic, rebalancing hormones, creating a healthy cycle as well as working with people considering or undergoing IVF. It has given many couples the opportunity of a child when nothing else was working.
Changes throughout a women’s life, having children, balancing family life through to “empty nest” when children leave can impact strongly – and I have many women who come for support during difficult times. A major change is later at menopause, which many women dread. In truth it should be a change, but without undue symptoms – and enabling women to pass through this into their age of freedom and wisdom is joyful.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 42m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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