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Media Training & Video Creation For Online Course Creators

Be more confident on camera and easily create high quality videos for your online course and beyond.
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Video is a crucial medium for the future. Videos rank higher on SEO, they convert at much higher rates, and they raise the perceived value of online courses. But for many, appearing on video is incredibly scary.
Most courses aimed at helping course creators focus on relatively easy stuff like choosing a subject, leaving you high and dry for the concrete step of filming, or they instead cover the technical aspects of uploading a course on a specific platform, information that can be found in the FAQ’s of your online course platform of choice. Other courses leave you feeling that you need sophisticated equipment and professional level editing skills to create high qualitv video. What these courses don’t do is offer concrete tips on how to feel more comfortable on camera and how to produce high-quality video that integrates seamlessly with your course and with your online identity as a creative entrepreneur.
Many courses that offer media training focus too much on how one looks on video. Few courses offer a holistic approach, taking conventional media training a step further by applying it to online course creation, and outlining everything you need to think about as your create high quality videos for your online course.
This course helps you to see how your mindset, approach, and organization makes all the difference when it comes to high-quality video for your online course and beyond. You will come away confident that you can create lasting impact on your students’ lives, and you will gain knowledge on every aspect of video creation that will help you as you explore new video formats for your online platform.

We’ll be covering:

-How to get over your fear of video
-Setting yourself up for success
-Equipment you do and don’t need
-What to do before a shoot, every time
-How to get organized
-Why appearing natural on video doesn’t feel natural
-Communication Styles
-Body language and expressions
-Energy levels
-Grooming & Beauty
-Sound and lighting
-Filming tricks that make editing easier
-How to integrate video into your course
-Other ways to integrate video into your online platform

You will learn

✓ The key mindsets and exercises that will make you more comfortable and confident on video
✓ How to shoot high quality video on a budget using your smartphone
✓ The secrets to create engaging videos for your online course
✓ On-camera tips and tricks from the pros that make all the difference
✓ How to get the most out of your smartphone and video editing software
✓ Why being on video is more important than ever
✓ How to get great sound quality in your video without a ton of equipment
✓ How to integrate video into your course
✓ All about lighting for video on a budget
✓ Setting up a home studio that will make your videos shine
✓ How to make editing video easier during the filming process and through preparation
✓ The key ways to integrate video into your platform for exponential growth
✓ The video mistakes that can destroy you


• Know how to use an iPhone or smartphone
• Have basic computer skills

This course is for

• Course creators
• People thinking about course creation
• Creative entrepreneurs
• Online coaches
• Online educators
• People who feel awkward on camera
• People who want to harness the power of video
• People who want to use video to foster engagement and build their platform
• People who wish they were more comfortable with video
• People who have always assumed that they’re just not photogenic or telegenic
Writing Coach, Podcaster, Course Creator
I am a lifelong educator: a PhD writing coach whose mission in life is to take creatives from aspiring to successful through my online platform, Spalmorum, which includes services, information, inspiration, motivation, courses, and all things writing mindset. I fell in love with online course creation this year and see it as a huge opportunity for all creative entrepreneurs.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 42m
Language: English
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