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MBA in Marketing – (As I Teach This at Universities)

In this course you learn the fundamentals of Marketing. These techniques are used by daily by professional marketers.
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Platform: Udemy
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Ever wondered why some companies thrive while others simply seem to be getting stuck in debts?
Are you launching a business and don’t know how to market your service or product?
Welcome to our course!
The course will teach you what marketing is and how to apply it on your business to expand, diversify, enter new markets and get new clients!
•How do you create value? •How do compete in the market? •How do you differentiate? Such courses are taught throughout many Universities and can cost quite a lot of money. My objective is to provide you with the same knowledge and skills that University students are offered but at a lower cost of course. Our course is being updated continuously with the latest trends and theories in order to make sure that nothing is outdated. The course takes at least 1 month to complete at a University, but with the use of Udemy you should be able to complete it within a few days and gain the same knowledge as University students do.
Believe me when I say so: You do not need to spend tons of money to learn marketing or take a expensive marketing courses. I will teach you what there is to know right here and you will be able to use your skills to improve your business, right away!
We will not only talk about certain marketing theories and principles, but we will also go through several practical examples, that will help you understand how theories can be put into practice (or not) by various organisations.
We cover topics such as:
•Appreciating how the market works. •Analysing consumer decision making process. •Understanding the competition and how to use them wisely for your company. •Using the Internet efficiently to bring in more business to your company. •…and many more! Marketing is all about applying some basic principles and then through the use of innovative and creative thinking, it allows you to expand your business to new horizons.
I will help you achieve that and will also be more than happy to answering to any questions you might have.
So let’s learn marketing and have fun in creating your marketing strategy!

You will learn

✓ Make money through effective marketing!
✓ Understand the basic principles of marketing
✓ Analyse and appreciate consumer decision making process
✓ Learn how to promote your business efficiently and effectively
✓ Understand how to differentiate
✓ Understand the principles of e-marketing


• You will need a computer that can play audio so that you can view the videos
• A note book or a word processor so that you can write down some notes and reflective thinking
• PowerPoint which can be used to download any presentations that are uploaded on the course

This course is for

• This course is intended for people who have at least have some months of work experience in order to fully appreciate and apply the contents of the course
Marketing Director @ Anadixis & University Lecturer
I am the Marketing Director of Anadixis, a company which specializes in marketing and e-commerce solutions for various clients worldwide.
My main responsibility is to come up with innovative solutions and services that will allow our clients to benefit to create outstanding marketing campaigns (both online and offline), that will ultimately increase their profitability.
In addition to that, I am also a lecturer at a University, teaching courses such as Marketing, Branding and e-Marketing.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 16m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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