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Mastering Planning Vol 4: Quarterly Planning

Gain a 90 day view on your life by incorporating quarterly planning with a system that will make you a better planner.
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It’s very rare to find people tha plan beyond the month level.
Monthly planning is pretty easy.
You can wrap your head around the 4 weeks.
It’s not that much time.
Quarterly planning is different.
Most people don’t see that far into the future.
At least not clearly.
Planning ultimately gives you something like a superpower.
One of the most important aspects of a leader.
One of the keys to a feeling of confidence and certainty.
Being able to see things happen before they happen.
Quarterly planning is the first big step you will make a planner.
You will plot out the major projects and integrate your monthly and yearly views.
You will prepare yourself for the even bigger step to creating effective 1 year plans.
You will rise above the forest and start to get a true birds eye view of where your time is going.
The quarterly scale is where the story view aspect of the Review-Plan One Pagerr really starts to show it’s value.
One of the biggest enemies we have as planners is our memory.
The more time goes by, the more we forget.
It’s not easy to remember what was going on two months ago.
Luckily, you have come this far and you have incorporated the daily, weekly and monthly views into your system and you have the necessary records to augment your memory.
All the work you have done so far sets you up to make true realistic plans for your quarter.
That’s why this course can’t exist in isolation.
You must do the work at the small scale first to collect the data you need to make accurate predictions for how much time you have and what you can reasonably expect to get done.
You get 168 hours of raw time per week.
At the quarterly level you’re in charge of 13 of those weekly units.
That’s over 2000 hours. 
A small army of hourly units.
What direction will you lead them in?
Where will you allocate your time?
How good is your Vision?
See you inside the course,

You will learn

✓ See beyond the month and be able to accurately plan on the multi month level
✓ Prepare for the 4 seasons of the year with quarterly checklists
✓ Make better adjustments when your yearly planning and yearly goals get off target mid way through the year
✓ Provide better leadership to your team by having a clearer long term vision


• Take the previous 3 courses in the Mastering Planning Series

This course is for

• Professionals who want to get effective plans at the quarterly level
• Students who want to better manage their time over the semester time scale
• Entrepreneurs who want to get a multi-month time horizon view on their business
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 56m
Language: English
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