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Mastering Gmail – The Ultimate Email Management System

Become a master of email by using this system to optimize your process of reading, organizing and responding to emails.
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This has been one of my most requested courses, and it’s finally here.

This is the system that I personally use for handling email.
It takes full advantage of the tagging feature of Gmail to help you sort all emails along three key dimensions.
1. When do you want to deal with this email? Tomorrow, Next Week? Next Month?
2. What area of your life does this email belong to? (For understanding this, you will need to have first taken my Mastering Organization course, where I give you a complete taxonomy/folder structure for organizing your personal and professional lives)
3. What stage in a process is this email? Is this initial outreach? Are you waiting for a response? Are you onboarding after hiring a new person? This is a powerful way to organize where a person is in a sales, onboarding or other type of funnel or email sequence. 
This system also solves the hard problem of when should you check your email, and when should you deal with emails that are on a weekly, monthly or other time table?
You’ll get a fully designed Google Calendar that you can add to your current calendar that tells you when to check each set of emails. And I show you how to customize it to fit your schedule and your way of doing things.
Finally, I designed this system from a minimalist perspective. 
Nobody wants to use extra plugins, extra apps, special hacks to be able to do their email.
Because that kind of system will eventually cost you a lot of money and will probably break at some point on one of the many devices you use to process your email.
I designed this system so that you can do everything with a simple browser like Chrome and the Gmail app on your phone or tablet.
This system aims to find that perfect balance between complex enough to handle 99% of situations, but simple enough so that you can quickly start using it and keep using it in the future.
See you inside,

You will learn

✓ Learn how to consistently organize your email so that your inbox is empty most of the time
✓ Build a labeling system that will allow you to sort emails by response time as well as status
✓ Use labels to keep track of which stage a person is in when managing a sales or other kind of cycle
✓ Start using a system that works completely within Gmail on your computer and on your phone, with no plugins or extra apps needed
✓ Adopt a minimalist approach to managing your email


• Familiarity with Gmail
• A Gmail account

This course is for

• Professionals who want to better manage their email
• Entrepreneurs who need to manage hundreds of emails per day
• Students who want to keep their email better organized
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  Timothy has taught at the Harvard Innovation lab, The Tufts  University Entrepreneurs Society, General Assembly in Boston, and has  been a featured teacher on Skillshare, among others. He has consulted  with startup teams on how to accelerate their learning, creativity, and  growth. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 16m
Language: English
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