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Mastering Effective Communication

How to make your conversations more meaningful, concise and mutually satisfying
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This illuminating and informative course outlines the principles of Effective Communication. It explains why our communication often fails, and how to avoid the pitfalls. 
You’ll learn how to prepare for an important conversation, how to structure it, and how to deliver even the most difficult message with confidence and sensitivity.
By the end of the course, you’ll have new insights to refresh your communications; you may well be thinking, “I wish that I’d been taught this in school.”
As the different aspects are explained via our video lectures, each section is supported by downloadable exercises and other resources to help you revise and consolidate the learning.
We all know of people who can talk a lot but say very little. At the other end of the spectrum, there are those whose uttering and emails are so terse that you have trouble deciphering them.
Effective and empathetic communication requires sensitivity and lightness of touch, and you can learn how to develop all the skills you need so that others will want to engage with you and hear what you have to say.
Even difficult messages can be delivered without needless pain and unpleasant reactions. All it takes is the know-how. 
This course features easily learned elements supported by practical exercises, all clearly explained by Barry Winbolt, lecturer and psychotherapist, based on his 30 years’ experience of helping people to improve workplace relationships and performance in many different settings and cultures.
He’ll take you through what it means to communicate well and:
•How to set the scene for maximum engagement•That your attitude comes before success•How to listen with empathy and build rapport•Why ‘less is more’ when the message is right•That you must be congruent and mean what you say•To attend to the verbal and non-verbal parts of the message•How to tell people things they might not want to hear•How to plan your message for maximum effect•How to follow up on a conversation.

The foundation for effective communication is the relationship you have with your audience. Whether it is one person or many, a brief message or an ongoing dialogue, to communicate well you must make sure your message hits the spot. This course will show you how to do it.

You will learn

✓ You will understand advanced communication concepts often not covered by formal education
✓ The main elements of effective communication
✓ How to make your communications ‘fit for purpose’
✓ How to set the scene for better mutual understanding
✓ What makes a meaningful conversation
✓ The art of summarising to avoid misunderstandings
✓ The effective use of questions, and why some questions can be barriers to effective communication


• No special materials or prior knowledge necessary – everything is provided.
• A desire to improve how you communicate with and relate to others.
• Readiness to try out the recommendations in this course.

This course is for

• Aimed primarily at managers, aspiring managers and others in a supervisory role, the content is applicable to anyone who wants to understand how to communicate more effectively for personal or professional development.
• People new to the workplace who are unsure about how to communicate effectively with colleagues.
• Anyone who has experienced relationship difficulties that could be helped by more effective communication.
• Thos who are obliged to work with ‘difficult people’ in whatever situation.
Films for a better workplace
BARRY WINBOLT MSc. is a psychologist, therapist and coach. For more than 25  years he has advised people in many cultures on how toimprove their wellbeing and relationships to enhance the quality of their lives. Over the same period he has provided training and coaching for personal and professional development.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 58m
Language: English
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