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Masterful Living: Level One Training

Deconstructing The Obsolete Operating System Of The Old Paradigm
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Humanity has entered into a period of massive change and restructuring. At the same time, each individual is undergoing a similar wholesale reconfiguration on a personal level.
It is a completely new paradigm of life on planet Earth that is emerging, as the old paradigm is being left behind.
The old paradigm is a rigid/limiting configuration that effectively disabled the unlimited potential of humans.
The new paradigm is an expansionary/open configuration that supports a living reality of infinite possibility, empowerment and opportunity for all humans.
The structuring, the beliefs, and the agreements of the old paradigm are deeply engrained in the consciousness of humanity at this time, which makes it extremely difficult to learn/apply the concepts and considerations of the new paradigm.
The longer it takes humanity and individuals to make the transition, the more struggle, disparity and drama humans will continue to manifest/experience.
Each individual must make a conscious decision to let go of the obsolete old paradigm and adopt the new, ‘upgraded platform’ of the emerging paradigm for themselves.
In order to do that, you will need to begin by making a conscious effort to remove or ‘uninstall’ all aspects/components of the old paradigm from your reality, so that they can be replaced or ‘overwritten’ with concepts and patterns that are in alignment with the new paradigm.
That is what this Level One Training course is designed to enable you to do.
In this course we use a variety of media and examples to present/examine:
•how the shift has been unfolding over the past two hundred years.•how this shift has been accelerating as we moved through the 2012 centre-point and beyond.•key factors of the old paradigm that cloud/distort perception-fundamental universal intentions designed to facilitate your individual shift.•common unconscious patterns of the normal human being that significantly undermine creative potential.•what you can expect to experience in your own personal shift.•what you can expect to observe in the world around you over the coming decades.In addition, you are provided with some simple but powerful tools and exercises that are designed to accelerate the removal of old beliefs/habits and destructive patterns.
NB: This course is intended to be discussion-oriented. The more you ask questions and participate, the more you will get out of this course.
Your feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.
If there is any further information or clarification that you require about anything, do not hesitate to ask.
AND FINALLY, be sure to watch for announcements and new course materials/resources that are added periodically.

You will learn

✓ Begin to disengage from the noise, distraction and biases of the old paradigm.
✓ Develop an understanding of the nature of the shift in your own life and in the world around you.
✓ Identify key limiting structural aspects of the old paradigm.
✓ Acquire practical tools/exercises that will facilitate your development.
✓ Grasp the historical background of how the old paradigm has begun to disintegrate, and comprehend the potentials resulting from the emergence of the new paradigm.
✓ Become prepared to begin to learn/adopt the operating system of the new paradigm.


• It is recommended that you complete the Introductory Course MASTERFUL LIVING : A NEW BEGINNING prior to taking this course.

This course is for

• This course is for those who are committed to the journey of making a real, sustainable upgrade to their living reality, by letting go of ‘who they are not’, and becoming who they truly are.
• This course is for those who feel they have a contribution to make to the well-being of humanity and to that of those around them.
• This course is not for those who are committed to the ideas of ‘popular spirituality’.
Teaching Masterful Living
Elio-David Di Iorio is the founder of EnlightenedPerformance and creator of the Masterful Living series of teaching and training courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 16m
Language: English
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