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Master Unity® VR: Make 30 Mini Games in 3D

Learn everything you need to know to make your own mini virtual reality games for mobile!
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Platform: Udemy
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“The videos are great and the course is interactive. Some of the things have been updated but the community and the instructor is very helpful a must buy for me.”
“This was a very nice course. Almost sad to have reached the end of it… Each mini-game section starts out from the beginning, like it was the first section of the course, so that makes it nice if you want to jump around and program a certain game first. It’s not like each one builds on knowledge from the prior one, though after you’ve done a few, you start to know how the initial setup is going to go.
It’s also nice that you build everything – from the code to the art. I enjoyed creating my own 3-D artwork in Blender – much nicer than just being handed meshes by the instructor. Instructors are very thorough in their explanations.” – Dave J.
“The amount of detail that has gone into explaining the basics of coding is amazing, truly a great example of teaching.”
“I couldn’t come up with a way for this course to be better. This is among the very best I have bought on Udemy.”
“The videos are great and the course is interactive . Some of the things have been updated but the community and the instructor is very helpful a must buy for me.” – Rivek Tamang
“Best Unity3d course I have taken so far…. not only you learn Unity , you learn Blender as well. Thank you for such awesome course.” – Akash Kumar
Have you ever wanted to make your very own virtual reality games? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
After purchasing this course, you’ll be taken step-by-step through every process needed to do just that. Our two very talented instructors, Kevin Liao and Glauco Pires, explain everything from a basic, beginner level. That means, you don’t have to have any prior coding or digital art experience to succeed here.
**This course covers the Google cardboard and not higher end VR headsets like the HTC Vive. It will help you regardless as we do show many techniques for building VR games that are still applicable.
In the first section of each tutorial, Glauco Pires will take you through the process of coding the game in Unity® 5.4.3f1 from scratch. The second section of the tutorial will teach you how to create all the artistic elements you will need to complete the game. Kevin Liao will teach this section of the course in Blender; the wonderful, free 3D modeling program.
The final section will teach you how to integrate the art you created in Blender to the game in Unity 5.4.3f1. Glauco will take this part.
The beauty of taking an online course like this is the ability to replay any of the lectures at any time. There is no time limit or final tests. You get to learn at your own pace with a practical model method of learning. This course mostly focuses on mobile VR Development. This is because, it is the easiest to develop for and will most widely adopted. 
“Great course. Definitely learned a lot about how an overall project can come together in Unity. I found the material easy to follow and well constructed. The instructor covers theory and implementation, and it is deep, with real app examples, outstanding.”
“I like how everything is being explained on a very basic level. Easy to follow, I would imagine, for anyone without any modeling experience. Good job guys, and thanks!”
“Very good. Very comprehensive and easy to follow. Can’t wait for the other courses to learn more.” – Yashim W.
We hope you decide to purchase this course and take your knowledge to the next level!

You will learn

✓ Build 3D games in Unity® 5.4.3f1.
✓ Understand the fundamentals of game design.
✓ Create artwork in Blender.
✓ Code in C#.


• Download and install Unity® 5.4.3f1 and Blender.
• Videos were recorded in MAC, but it is possible to work with PC.

This course is for

• No prior coding skills necessary.
• Some Blender experience for model creation. If you’re a beginner, download the models and import into Unity.
Top-Rated Instructor, 800,000+ Students
“I absolutely love this course. This is such a comprehensive course that was well worth the money I spent and a lot more. Will definitely be looking at more Mammoth Interactive courses when I finish this.” – Student Matt W.
“Very good at explaining the basics then building to more complex features.” – Student Kevin L.
Mammoth Interactive has been contracted to produce epic soundtracks, addicting levels, rock solid programming and business development.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 78h 43m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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