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Master The English Verb Tenses

Improve your speaking and writing skills by learning how to use all the English Tenses
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If you are feeling challenged by the number and complexity of English verb tenses, join me on this course for a complete review of all the tenses in English.
Whether you are an elementary, intermediate or advanced student, this course will enable you to systematically learn or review the verb tenses and begin to use them confidently in your daily writing and speaking activities.
The course consists of about 2 hours of video lessons and 90 minutes of supplementary oral exercises.
All the components of this course are downloadable to allow you to study both online and offline.
Doing the oral exercises several times will ensure that you can use the tenses spontaneously when you speak. These exercises also include many daily expressions that will allow you to improve your general fluency and pronunciation.
Course Structure:
The first 9 video lessons contrast two or three tenses that are often confused with each other.
Each video lesson finishes with a ‘common mistakes’ section to deepen your understanding of their differences.
Each lesson is then followed by oral exercises to help your assimilation and fluency.
The final lesson is a review of all the tenses with both video and audio exercises.
The package also includes a handbook containing:
A study file with a summary of all the tenses and additional examples PDF transcripts of the audio exercises and answer keys A study guide and a 2-week study programme

You will learn

✓ Recognise and understand every tense when you see or hear it
✓ Use the tenses confidently in your own speaking and writing
✓ Review many daily expressions and phrases
✓ Improve your general fluency and pronunciation


• Before you can start this course, you need to know the following basic structures:
• All pronouns and possessives (I, me, my, mine etc.)
• All question words
• Verbs ‘to be’ and ‘to have’
• The three ‘Simple’ Tenses: Past, Present & Future in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms
• Past Simple and Past Participle forms of irregular verbs

This course is for

• This course is suitable for upper elementary, intermediate and advanced students.
• Whether you are just starting to learn the more complex tenses (upper elementary), or have already learned some of the continuous and perfect tenses but feel a little confused (intermediate), or you want to review and perfect your usage of all the tenses (advanced), this course will help you to either learn or revise them in a clear and systematic way.
• This course is not suitable for beginner or false beginner levels.
Head Tutor at Anglo-Link Languages
        Minoo has been an EFL teacher, teacher trainer and course director for over 30 years. She has extensive experience in teaching both General and Business English to students of all ages and nationalities. 
She started teaching English in 1980 after passing her Cambridge Proficiency exam in Iran. In 1984, she moved to the UK where she became a CELTA-qualified EFL teacher and teacher trainer. In 1987, her career took her to Belgium where she worked as an EFL teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and course director at a residential English language school. In 2002, she moved back to the UK to set up her own one-to-one immersion programmes, which she still runs today. 
She founded Anglo-Link Languages in 2008. The Anglo-Link website offers its members the possibility of booking online lessons with Minoo as well as a variety of audio and video lessons and exercises for self-study.  Anglo-Link’s YouTube Channel was launched in 2011, enabling Minoo to share her passion for the English language and her teaching experience with a wider and more global community of EFL students and teachers. Her channel currently has almost 1.2 million subscribers.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 50m
Language: English
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