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Master Circle Of Fifths to Find Keys – Jin’s Theory

A smart way to master all major and minor keys
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What is the course about?
This course teaches you the correct way to understand and utilize Circle of Fifths, and the easiest way to memorize it. With these techniques and some personal tips, you can easily master all major and minor keys and their key signatures at the first glance at a new score.

Why take this course?
If you find it difficult to understand the key signatures on a new score;
If you have difficulties to identify and master major and minor keys;
If you can not match keys and their key signatures very well;
If you find that Circle Of Fifths is too hard to remember.

How is the course structured?
This course starts with the introduction to some necessary music theory knowledge. After that, we will start our Circle Of Fifths journey. I will teach you the correct way to look at Circle Of Fifths and how to memorize it easily. I will also go through how it connects the keys and key signatures. In addition, I will walk you through how to derive major and minors key from Circle Of Fifths. Most importantly, some secret tips will be shared with you to help you easily master all the major and minor keys.

You will learn

✓ Understand Circle Of Fifths correctly
✓ Identify a key and key signature quickly
✓ Memorize Circle Of Fifths easily
✓ Remember all major and minor keys


• No prior music theory background required, but prepare your paper and pen!

This course is for

• Students who have difficulties to identify key and key signature
• Students who have difficulties to remember all major and minor keys
• Students who can not memorize Circle Of Fifths
A Passionate Music Teacher
Yanjin Luo is a passionate teacher in music, including music theory, harp, violin, piano and Pipa.
Yanjin has her own way to understand music theory, which makes her students’ life much easier. For music theory, she is the holder of ABRSM Grade 8, ABRSM Grade 5, and CCM Grade 1.
Yanjin’s instruments are harp, violin, piano and Pipa (A Chinese instrument). She is currently studying Master in Music in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Her students are very diverse, from age 3 to age 75, from kids to investment bankers. She is always working on improving the way to explain music and techniques to her students. Yanjin believes that everyone can understand music very well.
Welcome to visit my Youtube to watch my online courses and songs.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 39m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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