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Martial Arts Training Course, Yellow Belt, Shotokan Karate

Everything you need to know to become a Yellow Belt in Shotokan Karate
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In this course ” Journey To Yellow Belt” We will teach you all the syllabus you need to reach to the Yellow Belt in Karate. This includes Punches, Blocks, Combinations, Kata, Sparring Techniques, Self Defence Techniques.  Its a beginner Level Course. After completing this course you will also get a Certificate of Completion.
Syllabus covered in this Course_
Punches- Chest Punch, Face Punch and Downward Punch
Kick- Front Kick
Blocks- Upper Block, Outer Block, Downward Block, Inner Block with practical application of all the blocks
5 Self Defense Techniques
5 Sparring(Fighting) Techniques
You will also learn how to start with basic fights
1st Kata of Shotokan Karate is also included
All Combinations you need to excel in Yellow Belt Karate are also included

You will learn

✓ All Syllabus of Yellow Belt


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This course is for

• Beginners
Martial Arts Trainer from last 35 Years
Shodai Soke R. P. Singh Black Belt 10th Dan with and experience of more than 36yrs in teaching of Karate Kickboxing, Martial Arts Weapons like Nun Chaku, Tonfa, Sai, Samurai etc. started learning Shotokan Karate at the age of 16. At the  age of 20 completed his Black Belt. And later on got his black Belt Ni Dan, San Dan, Yon Dan in Shotokan and then got his Black Belt Yon Dan in Shito Ryu karate as well. In Due course got his Black Belt Go Dan or 5th dan and then Roku Dan or 6th dan in Shotokan as well as by the World Karate Federation. And then received his further degrees by reputed Federations worldwide. Then received prestigious Black Belt 10th Dan by the World University of Martial Arts. He participated and won many National and International Tournaments. He was trained under various International Instructors from India, Sri Lanka and Japan as well. Presently he is the Founder cum President of Karate-Do Indo-Ryu Association International. He has taught thousands of Karatekas in this 36yrs of teaching career.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 22m
Language: English
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