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Supply chain, production follow-up and control process

Manufacturing in the supply chain: Learn the manufacturing operations-planning, process, inspection and management
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This course embodies my humble experience of 17 years as CEO of my company of export/import in China and Professor for several MBA business schools throughout the world. It means this is concrete and not purely theoretical but down to earth and practical!
This course will allow you to have the big picture of quality assurance and the production follow-up proposing a rigorous methodology to make sure all is produced on time with the good quality explaining the different tools: audit, In-line inspection, final inspection, the notion of planning.
In addition, we will see the different actors of a Quality Control policy for you to organize yourself and to set up your own Quality Assurance strategy.
What are the obstacles to avoid, the different tips and parameters to take into account?
We will cover a maximum of examples with simulations, case studies, and real testimonies.
Therefore you will have at the end a maximum of operational tools and templates to use for your own business.

Concretely what will you learn?
1-How to manage a production from A to Z
2-How to set up a Quality policy/assurance
3-How to anticipate problems and to solve them
4-How to handle corrective actions and making sure of improvement
5-How to manage operational follow-up with respect of time

NB: This course can be seen as the part of the big picture “International Trade Import and Export” which includes 3 other courses of mine:
1-Prospection and negotiation
2-Sourcing and buying/purchasing
3-Production follow-up and quality assurance
4-Transportation and logistics

NB: In addition to that, as a kind of bonus and for free, I share with you my YouTube channel
Just type “Aurelien Millot Master Key(s)” you will find it. It is for opening your mind, discovering new perspectives of life in general for those who are on a certain quest for the meaning of life… Who knows! A word to the wise?
Enjoy the course! Hoping it will be the most practical possible for your working life!
All the best

You will learn

✓ You will be able to follow-up your productions and to set up your Quality Assurance Policy properly everywhere in the world
✓ You will have the Techniques to follow-up your productions and to set up your Quality Assurance with factories and suppliers
✓ You will know how to anticipate problems and avoid delays or manage the corrective actions
✓ You will know how to manage a production in case of delay or hazards


• No specific knowledge, just the desire to learn

This course is for

• Beginners who want to discover production follow-up & Quality Assurance from scratch
• Students in business who want to have skills-experience for starting their career
• Buyers, purchasers, product managers already working who want to deepen production follow-up & Quality Assurance with new perspectives and operational dimensions
• People who launch their company with great idea but need to make sure about their production for their business with clients and suppliers
Entrepreneur and CEO
My life revolves around the same axis, with a common thread/word: EXCHANGE
NB: my motto is “The exchange of ideas is as indispensable to the people as the exchange of substances.” Anatole France
1.       CEO of a fashion garment company of import/export in Shanghai of 12 people, MADE IN,
exchange : import/export – trade
2.       Co-creator of a holistic wellbeing center in Bali, SHAMBALI,
exchange : helping people to find themselves and to be happy in their daily life
3.       Professor for 5 different prestigious business & fashion schools in the world-MBA & Master degrees,
exchange : transmission
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 36m
Language: English
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