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Managing Virtual Teams during Covid-19

Award winning system for leading virtual teams, reducing cost and developing your organisation for the Future!
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Table of contents


•This course is written and presented by a senior manager with over 20 years of experience in leading large international teams;•The management system presented in this course has led multinational teams to global recognition and prestigious awards;•By enrolling in this course you will get access to 12 Videos (2 hours), 3 Case Studies, and 30 Question Assignments.Are you interested?
•in growing your business in a steady and sustainable way;•to do only what you can do best and outsource the rest, engaging experts all over the world in a reliable and predictable way;•in reducing your costs and gaining personal and organizational flexibility?If your answer is to Any of the 3 questions is Yes – then this course is for You!
Every day 81% of us work with people who are located somewhere else. Regardless if you are a small business with home office workers, mid-size company with offices in several cities or a big global corporation – most of your people work in Virtual Teams. Are you already a manager or member of a Virtual Team?
Often people in Virtual Teams complain that тhey feel isolated and frustrated, and that delays projects and reduces quality. Managers complain that:
•Remote employees do not do what they should do, regardless how much effort you put to clarify the task, you are always surprised in the end;•It takes too long to finish a task;•Your team member just disappears and is not reachable for a week and then he just pops up as though nothing has happened;•In the end, your projects are delayed and sometimes completely fail.Imagine there was a method that ensures:
•The job is done to your standards quicker than you expect;•The quality of the deliverables exceeds your expectation;•Your team members are fully reliable and highly reachable during working and non-working hours;•Your team members come up with own ideas, seek feedback and eagerly bring them to completion;•The Team Spirit of being one, powerful, winning Team urges you to get out of bed in the morning or stay there but eagerly engage with your Team.The question is how to turn all the misunderstanding, hiding, and mediocrity into a burning desire to shine, take initiative, and reach Top Performance?
In my 20 years practice as an international manager, I led large virtual teams spread across Europe, Africa, and Asia and have delivered fantastic results with them.
For example:
As a Project Manager of one 2-year project involving 20 countries in Europe
•We delivered it 3 months earlier;•We saved 250 000 EUR i.e. 15% of the budget;•We had a fantastic party with 30 people from all over Europe on Tenerife, Canary islands.As a Head of Function – leading a large department spread across 3 continents
•We had great business KPI’s;•We had the best Employee feedback;•Won 2 Global Awards.I’ve crystallized all these 20 years of leadership experience in 10 Big rocks. This is the Method you are looking for. These are the 10 steps to reaching phenomenal performance with your virtual Team.
This course contains:
•12 Videos –one for each big rock and 2 additional bonus videos.;•3 case studies – real life examples from my practice;•90 minutes monthly Q&A and discussion with the other Virtual Power Teams course alumni.In the end of the course you will be able to:
•Discover the real strengths of your team members;•Set optimal individual and Team Goals;•Establish Structured Communication in terms of rules, forums , feedback;•Turn your Team Diversity into an advantage;•Set a Winning Team Spirit.As a result you will:
•Deliver projects on time or quicker;•Reduce your cost;•Have happier Customers;•Grow your business through more outsourcing but in a reliable and predictable way;•Be Fit for the Future.I bet we will work more and more virtually in the Future! Get this course and learn how to unite people despite the distance and cultural differences and deliver Top Business Results!

You will learn

✓ Deliver projects quicker
✓ Reduce your costs
✓ Unite and motivate your team despite the Distance
✓ Discover the real strengths of your team members
✓ Set optimal individual and Team Goals
✓ Establish Structured Team Communication in terms of rules, forums, feedback
✓ Set a Winning Team Spirit
✓ Turn your team’s Diversity into advantage
✓ Do only what you can do best and outsource the rest engaging experts all over the world
✓ Choose the time and place you work
✓ Gain personal and organizational freedom and flexibility
✓ Deliver outstanding results
✓ Grow your business in reliable and predictable way
✓ Develop your organization for the Future


• If you desire great Team experience and Top Performance, then you are ready for this course!

This course is for

• Everyone who has to work with people located elsewhere and has passion for great Team Spirit and Performance.
• Managers in Global corporations and SMEs
• Project Managers
• HR Managers
• NGOs
• Students and Alumni
• Freelancer communities
• Start-ups

How much does the Managing Virtual Teams during Covid-19 course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $24.99.
The average price is $11.8 of 24 Virtual Teams courses on Udemy.

Does the Managing Virtual Teams during Covid-19 course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Managing Virtual Teams during Covid-19 has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

At the moment we could not find an available scholarship for Managing Virtual Teams during Covid-19 .

Who is the instructor? Is Peter Ivanov a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Peter Ivanov has created 1 courses that got 7 reviews which are generally positive. Peter Ivanov has taught 21 students and received a 4.9 average review out of 7 reviews. Depending on the information available, Peter Ivanov is a TRUSTED instructor.
Senior Manager, Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach
Peter Ivanov is an international Manager and Virtual Teams Expert. Over the last 20 years he has led large Virtual Teams – 100+ people in Western & Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa. His method “Virtual Power Teams” is proven in practice and has won multiple corporate awards among which are the “Best of the Best” in 2007 and the Global “IT Connect Award” in 2012.

Key career highlights

– Global Service Planer – 2002

– Regional Project Delivery Manager – Europe – 2007

– Head of IT Services – Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa – 2012

– Keynote Speaker and Executive coach operating in 8 countries

– References – BASF, EON, British American Tobacco, numerous SMEs, NGOs and Universities

– Passionate athlete – Senior Balkan Champion (for 18 countries) in Discus throw

Father of 5 girls – enjoying the flexibility of virtual working for finding time with his wife and daughters

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CourseMarks Score®







Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 33m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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