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Management Coaching: Coaching Employees for High Performance

Management Coaching and Communication Course, that Enables Any Manager to Achieve Better Employee & Team Performance
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Have you ever wondered how to get a better performance out of the people you manage?
COACHING is the MOST IMPORTANT management skill that separates a highly effective manager from the rest. Most managers are unaware of how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people.
This Management & Leadership Communication and Coaching program teaches you how to effectively coach your employees to increase productivity, create an environment of trust and autonomy, and deliver better performance.

After you finished this course:
•You will have improved your ability to coach and communicate effectively.
•You will be able to create a better alignment of employee’s personal and the organizational goals and their performance
•You will be able to encourage your employee’s independence, initiative and increase their accomplishments

“This course was really professionally done. The modules were well-organized and the content was easy to absorb and pertinent to my work. After this course, I will be adjusting the way I do meetings with my team members by using what I learned here.”   – Kate P
“Good course going through [a] method of holding development meetings with staff.”  –  Kimberlee R.
“This is an amazing course. Lots of insight into management development, why managers are so resistant to change and how to get the most out of our employees. Very practical with some great supporting materials. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve as a manager.”  –  Charles C.

The key to maximizing human potential
As mentioned, good management is the KEY to maximizing human potential. Every employee can achieve higher levels of performance.
What THEY NEED is a MANAGER WHO CAN COACH: someone who can regularly have effective face-to-face meetings with them and observe, assess, and interact in ways that develop and maximize their individual effectiveness.
This course provides the tools to help you realize their potential and get the most out of your team.

This program is the result of decades of my own management coaching experience, education, and studying from the best and brightest in the industry and putting it into practice myself.
My mission is simple: “I want you to be more successful as a manager or leader by using coaching techniques in your workplace.”
During this management coaching course, we will cover the most important aspects of communicating and coaching your employees.

You will learn: 

•What is Coaching in the Workplace? and Why is it Important?
•How to Prepare Yourself for Coaching to succeed
•How to Lay the Foundation for Coaching Success in the workplace
•How To Use Effective Communication Techniques in a Coaching conversation
•How to Have Effective Coaching Sessions. We will look at the Ten Step Performance Coaching Model
•Why and How to Give Effective Feedback That Leads to Positive Change
•Overcoming Coaching Challenges: Common difficult coaching situations and how to deal with it
•Developing & Sustaining High-Performance Teams through Coaching
In the course are many Business Cases, Examples, Stories, and Worksheets that will help you to get a deep understanding. The worksheets in the course can immediately be used in your workplace.   
Basically, this course is like a “management workshop”, we will walk together through a step-by-step process giving you communication and coaching skills that you can apply in the workplace immediately.

Imagine what it would feel like if you could start seeing changes in your employee’s motivation and performance a few months from now. You would be less stressed; have a feeling of more control and you would have more time to prepare for the future of your company and your own job.

So, START TODAY and let me guide you through this program and help you to become an effective Manager Coach!


You will learn

✓ Improve your ability to manage, coach and communicate
✓ Create better alignment of employees personal and the organizational goals
✓ Manage your team successfully and meet your objectives
✓ Improve your Management & Leadership abilities and facilitate change
✓ Close the gaps between current and desired performance and outcomes
✓ Encourage employee’s independence and initiative


• Have a basic understanding of Business, Management or Leadership and is willing to learn new practical Management techniques to enhance their career.

This course is for

• I designed this course for (upcoming) Supervisors, Managers, Leaders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in Management, Business, IT and Finance who want to get more out of themselves and out of their teams.
MBA, Management & Leadership Coach, Author, Entrepreneur
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 32m
Language: English
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