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Making Music Medicine

Music4Life® Support for Recovery & Mental Health
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Welcome to “Making Music Medicine,” an unprecedented opportunity to learn how your life may be transformed through the prescriptive application of music.

Have you ever had a problem with stress, addictive behavior, or maybe a challenging mental health issue? Controlling them can seem impossible. And often, just as we’re making real progress, something triggers a relapse. Often we may not even know what caused it. In this course you will learn compelling new evidence that most mental health professionals don’t even know, about the biological and psychological impact of music. You will learn about music therapy-informed strategies that have been developed and tested over 30 years. Imagine a tool that may empower you to reverse the effects of personal trauma, so you can really enjoy your life again.

In this course you will:
Learn about 17 strategies you can use immediately to:
•manage stress
•regulate emotions
•support long-term mental health

These strategies are part of the process involved in the music medicine protocol. They can be used as a holistic alternative or a complementary regimen to medication. Do not discontinue any medication without consulting your physician. This is not a music therapy course. This is an introductory course that explores the opportunities for using music prescriptively. With more in-depth coursework, you can learn how to develop your own playlist based on the Music4Life® Music Medicine Protocol, and consult with a Music4Life® Practitioner (music therapist) to guide you.

Judith Pinkerton, an award-winning, licensed and board-certified music therapist, will guide your exploration of scientific discoveries. You will learn how music listening affects parts of your brain that influence stress, depression, anxiety, addiction and more. She will teach you how leveraging those effects with the Music4Life® Music Medicine Protocol, can positively impact your mindset and personal well-being.

Enroll now to learn about your brain-body connection to music.  Judith’s real-world experience successfully applying music as medicine for thousands of people, will help you unlock the amazing power of your own mind and music.

You will learn

✓ Learn how prescriptive music may impact the chemicals in your brain that affect fear, depression and anxiety.
✓ Learn about 17 strategies that turn your music playlist into a tool for emotional regulation.
✓ Discover a holistic approach to managing fear, anxiety and depression.
✓ Take our self-assessment to discover if your music is toxic for you.
✓ What is the true power of music? Explore the question: Can music cause suicide… or murder?


• You only need an inquiring mind.
• A curious mind about how to use music purposefully for healing

This course is for

• People struggling with fear, anxiety and depression
• Adults and adolescents recovering from addictions
• People recovering from trauma
• Mental health professionals seeking more effective tools for helping clients
• People stuck in anger or rage
• Lifelong learners seeking information about music therapy or music medicine
• Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselors
CEO & Founder, Music 4 Life®
As a keynote speaker, author, radio show host, recording artist, and licensed board-certified music therapist, I’ve worked with dozens of famous musicians like Metallica, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli and Natalie Cole. I’ve also worked with over 11,000 clients struggling with addiction, children in crisis, and everyday people. From non-profits and corporations to the military… do you know what they all have in common? Invariably, their greatest unrealized potential, is the ability to control their moods and empower their own success.

Have you ever noticed how some people experience one horrible tragedy after another in their lives, yet they are able to reclaim their happiness and live fulfilling lives in spite of those challenges? Or maybe you’ve noticed people who seem to be radiant, seemingly unaffected by troublesome moods?

My music medicine journey began over thirty years ago when my husband had back surgery. He was in so much pain and I felt powerless to help, so I recorded songs on my violin. He listened to them in the hospital, and his healthcare team was shocked when his nurse was able to replace his medication with those recordings. (So was I!) People were so skeptical back then. Now, however, music therapy is a well recognized and licensed medical profession.

I served my professional association as President of the Western Region Chapter of the American Music Therapy Association. My global healing work has been honored by the Academy of Country Music, Aflac, and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. I have presented for the International Women’s Forum “Music an Instrument for Change,” International Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, American Holistic Nurses Association, American Music Therapy Association, and TEDxUNLV to name a few.

Throughout the decades of my work I’ve learned that an inspired, masterful music performance can certainly have healing properties. But I wondered if you could expertly craft music listening experiences to positively impact people’s health and well-being (physical and mental) on a daily basis. So, I began to marry my expertise as a professional musician with my training as a licensed board certified music therapist to research this idea. This resulted in the development of my Music 4 Life® Music Medicine system and Mood Sequence Formulas™.

I teach people of all walks of life music-therapy informed music medicine strategies. In essence, I help people remove emotional barriers to success in their lives. We cannot remove stress or tragedy from our lives, but if we learn emotional fluidity, we can easily transition between mood states, to achieve a more fulfilling and positive life experience.

If you’re ready to discover a key to unlocking your mood, using music you enjoy as medicine, to elevate the quality of your life, I’m ready to help.
Stay connected and find inspiration at the Music Medicine Club or my website.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 22m
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