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Lose Weight – The Best Way!

Discover How to Become The Healthiest Version of Yourself - Without Dieting!
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The fastest way to lose weight is NOT the smartest. You need the right tools and knowledge to lose weight the best and most healthy way – And that is exactly what I will teach you!
In this course, you will uncover the mystery of nutrition and learn what foods work best to increase your chances of losing weight.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

•Achieve your goal without the need to go on a diet.
•See results both physically and mentally.
•Increase your energy level and improve your sleep.
•Feel much more comfortable choosing the best food to provide your body with all the right nutrients.
•Increase your knowledge about macronutrients and micronutrients, and why they are so important for your body.
•Improve your pre-workout and post-workout meals to feel stronger and more enduring while working out.
•Feel excited about new foods you never tried before.
•Go into the supermarket, read the food labels and then walk out of there with the best products.
•Put together a fantastic meal that includes all the right nutrients, and that is both delisouis and healthy.

So, if you are ready to say Heeelloo to your dream weight and a much healthier version of yourself. And of course Goodbyeee to overweight and bad habits….. Then this course is definitely for you!!
You only have one body – So take care of it

You will learn

✓ Basic nutrition
✓ How to lose weight
✓ What are marconutrients
✓ What are mirconutritens
✓ How to read and understand food labels
✓ What to eat before and after working out
✓ Portion size
✓ What food you should eat more, some of and less of
✓ Processed food vs. whole food
✓ How to take measurments of yourself
✓ Tips and tricks to stay consistent


• No special skills or equipment needed to take this course. The only thing you need is a portion of willpower and an open and curious mind.

This course is for

• Men and women interested in nutrition
• Men and women how wants to lose weight
• Men and women interested in living a healtiher life
• Men and women how have been dieting but dont see any results
• Beginners who have no or little knowledge about nutritous food
• Men and women tired of being overweight
• Men and women that are concerned about their health
Nutrition Coach
We all have a passion for something – Mine is nutrition.
I am a certified Nutrition & Health Coach and have learned a lot about nutrition and weight loss over the last years.
So, now I aim to help you to reach your goals about a healthy live with more energy and no more dieting.
If you are ready to lose weight and afterwards maintain your weight loss, then get ready!!
Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 1m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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