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Logical Tarot learning as a Healing tool

Most accurate, powerful, holistic, unique and practical way of tarot reading you will ever find! Launched Feb 2020
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This is not your usual tarot course!
You are few minutes away from discovering something very special and precious.
Once you learn this unique way of reading, you will never go back to your old ways. If you are familiar with tarot reading already, you will be absolutely amazed. Your reading will shift to a deeper level, as I experienced myself 16 years ago.
This course is designed both for complete beginners and advanced professionals. If you know nothing about tarot reading, you are lucky to learn this approach and never need to know a different way. As an advanced reader this course will give you a new perspective and deeper understanding. 
Accuracy of reading will come naturally by following my teachings.
As a professional tarot reader, we look for the potential in a reading.
Accurately communicating the message from the tarot cards can lead to a shift in mindset and perception. In many cases you will be able to provide clarity, allowing inner healing to occur. I believe that this is a requirement to become an authentic tarot reader.
If you would like to experience this amazing method, please watch 100 minutes of free videos I offer here. They all have important messages for anyone who uses tarot cards. If you would like to get your own reading, before actually start taking the course, you are most welcome to experience it yourself. Please reach out to me via my website. I have been teaching tarot by being asked to teach for those who I have given the readings in London, Tokyo, Mumbai and New Jersey.
I believe that many of you will benefit from this healing tool for yourself and others around you.
This course is an investment for the future you and consider it to be value for money if you want to learn tarot seriously and professionally.  With over 8 hours of unique and original content, “Logical Tarot as a healing tool”  will help you feel confident in giving therapeutic level of Tarot Card Readings rather than story telling.
Just open the door. Potential is always within you!

You will learn

✓ A unique approach which allows you to read cards in a logical manner
✓ Learn how to interpret and read the tarot cards without bias
✓ How Tarot can be used for therapy, counselling and to help people
✓ Understanding why and how tarot can be used as a powerful self healing tool
✓ Learn how energy work impacts us and read tarot safely with 100% accuracy
✓ Master practical tarot spreads through the use of real examples
✓ This course will give a deeper understanding of tarot and is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners
✓ This is not a course for fortune telling but uncovering the full potential of the Tarot
✓ Contents in this course is not something you can find on the internet. Valuable informations are shared for you to maximise benefit of tarot reading for your future clients.


• Raider Waite Deck for easy and clear understanding
• No experience or knowledge needed, but if you have them already, your interpretation would be even deeper! You will be amazed how quickly you could actually start reading accurately without effort
• Be open. Prepare to let go of traditional way of reading.

This course is for

• You! – somebody who is always attracted to something authentic.
• People who is looking for logic and deep understanding in tarot reading.
• Knowing tarot already but those who have not quite experienced healing side of tarot or having faith in it.
• Those who is seeking for new carrier, which involves to be a help for other people.
• Who is seriously interested in spiritual growth.
• Curious? Critics? You are most welcome!! – If you do not actually believe in tarot reading, and think it is only psychology game, you might become one of the best tarot reader! – just like how I was.
• I completely believe that “anyone” can read tarot accurately, if we you read in “this” way.
• No reverse position, no ritual, no intuition, no psychic abilities… only need simple key words and holistic understanding. Sounds too good???
Tarot reader/teacher, Healer, Yoga instructor/Counselor
I am a qualified social worker from Japan.
In 2004, after completing my training as a healer I begun my journey of studying Tarot at the College of Psychic Studies in London.
As we moved around London, Tokyo, Mumbai(India), New York for last 10 years, I started teaching Tarot. The more I teach, the more I want to spread this beautiful, amazing and unique way of reading Tarot.
In India, I realised that my spiritual journey was to meet Yoga. Yoga philosophy integrated me to understand spirituality in a much deeper level, so my Tarot reading became even deeper.
I never ever thought I would be calling myself a Tarot reader, as I was never interested in anything illogical. Now that part of me is one of my strengths in reading Tarot.
I offer very practical, logical and holistic Tarot reading for healing and I cannot wait to share my all learning and experiences with you through these courses.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 11h 50m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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