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Logic Pro X Training for Music Producers

ALL you need to know: My one of a kind Ultra Fast Workflow to make music TODAY!
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Thank you for  all the students that private message me. The goal is to get you trained so ask questions and I’ll answer! 
Lots of people use logic but not many can make amazing sounding music. Join now to learn with Lazyboi the producer and ask questions while he helps guide you along the way!
The Logic Pro X Accelerated Training :
Are you trying to learn how to use Logic Pro, but not looking forward to trying to figure out how it all works? Do you want to learn as fast as possible so that you can get to the real fun and make music? Are you a beatmaker that is struggling getting a decent workflow and constantly interrupting your creative process because you just started using Logic Pro X? Have you had plenty of late nights trying to produce your own songs and find it challenging and time consuming?
What this course is about:
I’m finally offering my production courses in Ableton and Logic Pro X, revealing all my secrets that producers don’t want you to know. In this course you will get a fundamental understanding of how to use Logic Pro with MY custom workflow techniques that will guarantee results!
I designed this course to be really easy to digest. It goes through the entire process of making a song and then Mastering it for the world to hear, but with the focus of being a bootcamp for Logic Pro X! You will learn the FASTEST way to get your musical ideas out! No more searching online for your answers, because my course lays it all out for you!
Not to mention that you will have access to contact me in our class chat for questions, feedback on your music, advice and more!
And the best part… if you need more clarification, examples or want to dig a little deeper, then you can request it in our chat. I’m totally open to creating more videos that you may want to see and adding it to the course!
The 3 ways to learn Music Production:
•On your own with trial and error… which could take years!
•Enroll in a music program and spend thousands of dollars only to learn from people that aren’t in the music industry nor do they make the music you like.
•Or learn from someone else who has spent years with the biggest producers in the industry, learning all the tips and tricks to make your music sound BIG and stand out!
So if your serious about investing in your career then this course is for you!
What are the requirements?
•No experience is needed
What am I going to get from this course?
•Learn as FAST as possible and start making music today!
•You will learn the basic skills of mixing your track with Logic’s plugins
•You will learn the basic skills of Mastering your track with Logic’s plugins
•You will learn how to quickly arrange your track
•Learn time saving workflow tips that have been passed down to me from the greatest Producers over the last 15 years!
•Learn how to use Logic Pro X, the software that countless Hits have been made from
•Take the first step towards starting your career
•The Logic session I created so that you can see exactly how I achieved my results
•As a student and joining my community, you will get discounts to my other courses and EXCLUSIVE hangouts as they become available.
•Learn how to use in-the-box plugins to start a record and finish it for radio
•Understand how to quickly structure a song
•Have the opportunity to learn from and ask questions from a Major label producer
What is the target audience?
•Beginners wanting to learn music production or Producers wanting to learn how to quickly learn Logic Pro X
What are the requirements?
•A copy of Logic Pro 9 or X is required by Logic Pro X is recommended.
•The willingness to learn a great skill that can create careers!

You will learn

✓ Record your ideas in minimum time.
✓ Learn Logic Pro very fast
✓ Create songs out the box
✓ Learn how to use Logic plugins to create a song from start to finish
✓ Learn workflow shortcuts like templates, key commands and best practices
✓ Learn the basics of mastering with only logic plugins
✓ Configure optimal configuration settings in your preferences
✓ Learn how to use logic’s automation


• You have a copy of Logic Pro X, which is available in the Mac App Store

This course is for

• This course is intended for people wanting to learn Logic Pro. No experience required! Learn from a real Music Producer!
Music Producer for Universal Publishing
Sal has spent years crafting his skills with a fresh new sound, learning from the Worlds best. Now ready to step into the spotlight and touch a worldwide audience through his music!
His strengths consist of engineering, mixing, artist development, drum/track programming, vocal producing, song arranging, playing guitar, keys, and drums.
As a producer you have to be able to create a style and sound around what makes an artist unique.  Every song is crafted with this in mind, which eventually turns into a one of a kind body of work. 
To be able to guide a project to success, one must understand how to motivate people to work together, creating a magic chemistry that’s heard on countless hit records, as well as understanding the intricacies within the record making process.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 33m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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