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Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation

Understand the Development process of Linux Kernel and install the latest mainline/stable kernel on your PC
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Table of contents


Update: Added Raspberrypi section on 10/10/20
What will you learn from this course:
•Development process in Linux Kernel
•Various roles in development – Developer, Maintainer, sub-maintainer
•Various Linux Kernel Trees
•Things to know when sending patches
•Linux Kernel Release Cycle
•Types of Kernel Releases – Mainline, stable, Long-Term
•Configuring, Compiling, Installing Your own Linux Kernel
•Various Linux Kernel Configuration Techniques – oldconfig, defconfig, savedefconfig, xconfig, menuconfig
•How to cross compile Linux Kernel
•How to build only portion of Linux Kernel

You will learn

✓ How development happens in Linux Kernel
✓ Tips while Submitting Patches
✓ Various Linux Kernel Trees: Mainline, stable, linux-next
✓ Linux Release Process
✓ Types of Linux Releases
✓ Configuring, Compiling and Installing Linux Kernel from source
✓ Various ways to configure Linux Kernel – menuconfig, xconfig, config, oldconfig, savedefconfig


• Should be able to use various Linux commands: git, make
• Should have Internet connection and Linux Machine

This course is for

• Linux Individuals interested in understanding Linux Kernel Release process
• Linux developers interested in knowing about how to send patches
• Developers who wants to configure, build and install their own Linux Kernel
Trainer at Linux Weekend Learning
I have been working on Linux for more than 7 years. I have seen many people still lack their skills on Linux. So, i am working on courses for Linux which will make them Learn Linux in an easy way. The agenda of my courses will be more practical and less theoretical. Show more examples and you will easily grab the concepts.
Order of Learning
1. Learn Linux User Space Debugging
2. Learn Linux Kernel Programming
3. Character Device Drivers in Deep
4. Memory management in Linux Kernel
5. Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming
6. Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation
7. Linux Device Drivers – Communicating with Hardware
8. Interrupts and Bottom Halves in Linux Kernel
9. System calls in deep
10. Timing Subsystem in deep
11. Embedded Linux using Yocto
12. Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 2
13. Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 3
14. Embedded Linux using Yocto Part 4
15. Testing Linux Kernel
16. Debugging Linux kernel in deep – Part 1
17. Debugging Linux kernel in deep – Part 2
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 38m
Language: English
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