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Linux for beginners – (contains 4 courses)

Install Ubuntu Linux/Linux Mint on a Virtual Machine | Linux BASH Shell Terminal Command Basics | Linux Interview Q&A
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Table of contents


Student Level: beginner to intermediate
This full course contains a total of 4 separate courses.

COURSE 1: How to Install Ubuntu Linux on a Virtual Machine
Learn how to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine with custom partitioning.
Perfect for Beginners/Students but also useful for advanced users.
You don’t need to install Linux on your physical machine to try it out. You can safely install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine without any risks, and learn & test that way.
You will learn how to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine, using Oracle VirtualBox.
The course covers how to install Ubuntu Linux, how to create custom partitions for the installation, and there is a brief overview at the end of how to setup your Desktop environment post-installation.
The installation of Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine is almost exactly the same as on a physical harddisk/pc, therefore this course can be used to help you install Linux on your physical harddisk/pc/laptop.
Please don’t forget to rate my course, and you’re welcome to send me any questions too. I will be happy to answer them.

COURSE 2: How to Install Linux Mint (Cinnamon) on a Virtual Machine
Learn how to quickly and easily install Linux Mint (Cinnamon) on a virtual machine for your learning/testing purposes.
This course is for anyone interested in Linux OS but not sure how to install it. I guide you through the process of installing Linux Mint on a virtual machine using Oracle VirtualBox. That way you don’t have to worry about affecting any of your personal data or breaking your Windows/Mac OS. You can safely learn Linux by practicing on a Linux virtual machine.
This course can also be used to install Linux on your physical machine/pc, if you wanted to.
You will also learn about the correct partitioning of a Linux installation.
Bonus near the end of the course(after installation): you will learn a couple of things about the Linux Mint desktop and setup.

COURSE 3: Linux BASH Shell Terminal Command Basics
Introduction to Linux BASH Shell Terminal Commands (Debian distributions)
Please note: the first lecture(introduction lecture) audio is very low, so please turn up your pc/windows/mac desktop audio to max, so that you can hear the first lecture clearly.
Ubuntu Linux BASH shell terminal is used for this course.
An introduction course to the typical Unix/Linux Shell Command Basics, meant for beginners, and therefore does not go into advanced details. If you would like an advanced course on this, please let me know.
A Unix shell is a command-line interpreter or shell that provides a command line user interface for Unix-like operating systems. The shell is both an interactive command language and a scripting language, and is used by the operating system to control the execution of the system using shell scripts.
In computing, a shell is a user interface for access to an operating system’s services. In general, operating system shells use either a command-line interface (CLI) or graphical user interface (GUI), depending on a computer’s role and particular operation.

COURSE 4: Top Linux Interview Questions & Answers (beginner-intermediate/advanced)
57 Linux questions with detailed answers, with practical examples included & demonstrated with the BASH shell terminal.
This course is suitable for beginner to advanced levels/students.
The course aims to prepare the student very well for some of the most common interview questions for Linux related jobs/careers.
The course is highly recommended for Linux beginners, and should help the student to start using Linux very quickly.
Via detailed answers, clear explanations and engaging practical examples using the Linux BASH shell terminal, the student should be able to do extremely well during interview questions, and successfully secure that job.
Linux version used for this course is Ubuntu Linux 18.04, and a live dvd version is used via a virtual machine, so that the student can actually see the Linux desktop while listening to the lectures and following the practical examples.
If you learn and understand all the answers to the 57 questions in this course, you should be able to comfortably ace most interviews for junior to intermediate level Linux jobs.


• You need access to install new software on your computer
• Beginner level, but some technical or IT knowledge will help
• Even someone with zero knowledge about IT or Windows or Linux can follow this course and install their own Linux Mint.Software you need: Oracle Virtual
• Box, which you can download for free. And Linux Mint .iso image, which you can also download for free from the Linux Mint website.This course is not meant for linux experts and not meant for people who know how to install linux.If you want to install Linux on your physical harddrive/disk, then please be aware of the risks of deleting your data on your disks if you are not careful. ALWAYS double check, and never install Linux on the same partition as your main windows/mac installation, and also never on any disks/partitions that contain your personal data and other vaulable files.You should preferably already have some understanding of what disk partitions are used for.Need to have Linux OS installed (preferably a debian distribution, like Ubuntu or Mint).If at work, make sure you make use of a test virtual machine with Linux OS installed, so that you don’t risk any problems with your company’s Linux servers.Preferably you want to practice this course on your own PC/laptop at home with your own Linux OS installed. Either via a virtual machine from windows OS, or via linux installed directly on your harddrive.If you need help with the above setup, please let me know, and I WILL try to help you.Recommended to have access to Linux OS/Linux system, to practice, but this is optional

You will learn

✓ How to install Ubuntu Linux on a virtual machine and also do custom partitioning
✓ For beginners who want to learn and try out Linux, especially Ubuntu Linux
✓ Learn how to install Linux. In this specific course, I will cover Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64bit.
✓ Learn how to partition a Linux installation properly and find out what Linux partitions are compulsory.
✓ Intro to basic shell terminal commands for Linux operating systems(debian distributions)
✓ With Windows OS you can get along fine without knowing any terminal commands, but this is the opposite for Linux OS.
✓ Having a basic knowledge of Linux terminal commands will greatly help Linux newbies to get comfortable with this OS, and to manage it.
✓ 99% of Linux based jobs require you to have at least a basic knowledge of Linux terminal commands.
✓ top linux interview questions and answers. common linux questions and answers. typical linux questions and answers
✓ introduction to linux. linux for beginners.
✓ introduction to linux bash shell terminal. overview of some common linux shell commands
✓ linux administrator

This course is for

• Linux beginners
• Students of computer science, or any other IT courses
• junior or beginner devops, sysops, aws
• IT / Information Technology students
• junior programmers
• people who are interested in Linux
• Anyone interested in Linux, but beginner to intermediate level only
• Any students of Linux, or any systems administrator students
• Anyone who’s thinking of switching from windows or mac to Linux
• AWS / Cloud administrator students, or learners.
• anyone who wants to dual boot windows and linux
• anyone who wants to install and test linux on a virtual machine safely without any risks to their main operating system and personal files
• Anyone who likes Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint
• Anyone curious about Linux but not sure where to start
• This course is perfect for anyone who would like to know how to install Linux, properly. If you want to know how to install Linux, this course is for you
• Perfect for anyone who would like to know how to use virtual machine software to virtualize an operating system like Linux, using Oracle VirtualBox
• Anyone with an interest in learning more about Linux and to better manage Linux OS, as well as better manage any Linux related jobs/careers.
• Anyone looking for a job/career where they will use Linux on a daily basis. Example: AWS engineers.
• Many coders, developers, programmers use Linux to do their development work on, instead of windows.
• Mac OS users too, because Mac OS is based on Unix/Linux, and therefore similar commands on the terminal(correct me if I’m wrong?).
• linux newbies. beginner linux users. linux administrators. other linux users
• people interested in linux jobs. interested in a career in linux. people interested in learning Linux. linux beginners
• people interested in learning some linux bash shell commands

How much does the Linux for beginners - (contains 4 courses) course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $11.99. And currently there is a 87% discount on the original price of the course, which was $94.99. So you save $83 if you enroll the course now.
The average price is $12.9 of 164 Linux courses. So this course is 7% cheaper than the average Linux course on Udemy.

Does the Linux for beginners - (contains 4 courses) course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Linux for beginners – (contains 4 courses) has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Linux for beginners – (contains 4 courses) course, but there is a $83 discount from the original price ($94.99). So the current price is just $11.99.

Who is the instructor? Is JP COURSES a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

JP COURSES has created 18 courses that got 2,619 reviews which are generally positive. JP COURSES has taught 164,543 students and received a 4.0 average review out of 2,619 reviews. Depending on the information available, JP COURSES is a TRUSTED instructor.

More info about the instructor, JP COURSES

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Platform: Udemy
Price: $11.99
Video: 10h 15m
Language: English
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