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Linear Programming for Data Science and Machine Learning

Learn linear programming by Sketching curves, Plotting Graphs and their application in data science and machine learning
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How to become a pro in Linear Programming?
In this course, you will learn all about the mathematical optimization of linear programming. This course is very unique and has its own importance in its respective disciplines. Data science and machine learning study heavily rely on optimization. Optimization is the study of analysis and interpreting mathematical data under special rules and formulas. Thousands of students worldwide are searching this topic of Linear Programming but they can’t find the complete courses in Linear Programming.
The length of the course is more than 6 hours and there are a total of more than 4 sections in this course. The quality and quantity of the course are super and you will enjoy the course all the way during the course.
The course is prepared according to the current needs of the students and I was much time asked to prepare this course and then finally I started working on it and now it is life. Many students around the globe are taking this type of course and there was nothing in the online learning platform including YouTube and I think it is good for Udemy that they have such types of courses.
In the first section of the course, we have discussed the coordinate system to develop an understanding of the basics of linear programming. While in the second section you will master the basics and advance concepts of linear inequality and finally you will get jump into Linear Programming for Data Science and Business Analysis
The question-answer section is available for the students where they can ask as many questions as they can ask and I will respond to each of your questions promptly. The more questions that you will ask the more are learning to master your concepts. It is found that the students who ask more questions are more likely to be favorite students in their learning perspectives.
Linear optimization or linear programming is considered the mathematical study of data science and business analytics. Therefore the students which are good at mathematics can take this course in an efficient way. However, I have tried my best to complete each section in an easy way. The most important thing is when you are being asked for the questions as you can put as many you want then why not you should put? So just keep in touch with your instructor and don’t feel shy or hesitant to talk with your instructor.
Remember that I am teaching on Udemy for the past 3 years and have a total of 18 years of teaching experience. I am a master in applied mathematics and give solutions to the people where Math has its applications. I have changed the life of many students around the world from my experience and polishing my world which has math difficulty.

You will learn

✓ Coordinate system
✓ Locations of points in coordinate system
✓ Linear Inequalities
✓ Practical examples of linear inequalities
✓ Graphing of linear inequalities
✓ Solution of linear inequalities
✓ Properties of linear inequality
✓ Linear programming
✓ Objective functions
✓ Optimal Solutions
✓ Linear Programming theorem
✓ Solution regions
✓ Solution regions of constrains with respect to objective functions


• Basics of mathematics

This course is for

• Data science, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence
Researcher, Mathematician, and Scientist

If there is a walking encyclopedia of Calculus, Quantum Physics, Astronomy and solving differential equations, then it should be called Ad Chauhdry.

Ad Chauhdry is a researcher of mathematics for over 15 years in which he’s contributed with articles in several scientific journals with good impact factor. His work also includes teaching post-graduate students, so you can trust his teaching and researching experience. Apart from working in an academic environment, Ad Chauhdry has also established an online and offline academy called AD Maths Plus Academy. 20k+ students have enrolled in AD Maths Plus courses.

With Ad Chauhdry, you may jump into learning how to solve Calculus problems, and how to understand the quantum physics, Astronomy, solution of differential equations and then transfer your skills into learning Python, Machine earning and others applicable areas on Udemy. He’s also created a course for you to get a grasp of Educational Psychology, so you can build a solid foundation for further learning of personal skills. Ad Chauhdry reveals the secrets of maths and Calculus underlying so many things in economics, technology development, etc. If you want to see it for yourself, you have an excellent opportunity to get such things explained by an experienced mathematician, scientist, researcher, and educator – Ad.

Ad and his wife (also a teacher) are growing 5 children – this should prove to you that he’s probably quite good at assisting younger generations. Join Ad’s courses and dive straight into learning!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 19m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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