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Light Up LinkedIn: Stand Out and Get Noticed

Create an outstanding profile, get noticed by your network and beyond and boost your return-on-investment!
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Learn all you need to know to use LinkedIn®. Set up a great profile that attracts potential clients, get noticed by interacting and show your greatness!

The Light Up LinkedIn® extensive online course, hosted by Jorim Holtey-Weber. In about 2 hours you will have all the information you need to have a sparkling LinkedIn profile and all you need to go out there and be noticed.

The programme is divided into two main sections. It starts with pointing out a fundamental that most other LinkedIn® resources oversee and goes on to explain precisely how to design your profile. Once the profile is completed, the focus is on the different ways of getting noticed on the platform.

The foundational difference between this and other LinkedIn® resources is the host. Most other resources are designed and presented by marketers who bring along their own marketing mindset and understanding. Not this one, however. Jorim Holtey-Weber designed and presents the course as a fellow coach and consultant and with a totally different mindset.


Section 1: Build an Outstanding Profile
We’ll go through the profile step by step, covering everything that is important to stand out and leave a great impression!
•Why do you use LinkedIn®?
•What’s the first thing?
•Let’s tell them a bit more?
•What do you want to share about work?
•What do you want to share about your studies?
•More tips to build credibility

Section 2: Get Noticed by Your Network and Beyond
Is having an amazing profile enough? If you want to get noticed, it’s not! That’s why we’ll cover the best working tactics and strategies to get noticed (and point out which are a waste of time)!
•Why do you want to get noticed?
•Powerful posts
•LinkedIn® lives
•The power of comments
•Connection invites
•Profile Keywords

Section 3: Extra Material
With the above you’re already super-prepared but I’ve got more! In this section, I added extra material and behind-the-scenes walkthroughs of my tactics.

Your Instructor
Jorim Holtey-Weber, MSc, MSc
In the last couple of years I’ve invested a lot of time into LinkedIn®. I’ve taken courses, experimented, gotten expert advice and built my own, personal way of using my online presence.
•I’m a coach, not a marketer – and approach LinkedIn® from that perspective
•I understand that quality is more important than quantity
•You don’t need to do it my way. I show you possibilities and you choose what fits to you
My goal is to empower you to use LinkedIn® to land your next client, sell your products, and find new gigs.

Note 1: By “LinkedIn , I’m referring to LinkedIn® professional networking services
Note 2: LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, the IN logo and InMail are registered trademarks or trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation and its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

You will learn

✓ Build an outstanding profile
✓ Give your profile a professional yet personal touch
✓ Stand out from the crowd by doing things your way
✓ Keep your profile coherent by paying attention to your reason to use LinkedIn
✓ Build credibility by utilising features often overlooked
✓ Understand how recruiters and other LinkedIn users check out profiles
✓ Get found easily for the positions you’ve had in the past
✓ Understand why quality of connections is more important than quantity
✓ Increase your likelihood to be invited to events and job openings
✓ Increase your likelihood to sell your products and/or services
✓ How to easily create a visually attractive banner
✓ What format to use for your About section
✓ How to not have a boring but engaging profile
✓ Formats that make it interesting to read through your experience and education section
✓ Why having a multilingual profile might make sense for you
✓ How to get noticed by interacting on LinkedIn
✓ To create great posts and how to boost their engagement and reach
✓ What to post about without being a copycat and staying true to yourself
✓ How to get new connections and/or followers that have similar interests
✓ Create convincing messages to connect with strangers
✓ To use keywords in your profile for better visibility
✓ My personal go-to strategy for reaching out to potential coaching/consulting clients


• Ideally, you have a LinkedIn® profile already. I do not go through how to create a profile but it’s straight-forward.
• No prior knowledge to using LinkedIn® is required.

This course is for

• This course covers general knowledge on LinkedIn® – in depth!
• Parts of Light Up LinkedIn® focus specifically on coaches, consultants and self-employed/freelancers.
Coach, Psychologist, University Lecturer
I challenge myself to be a role model. I challenge myself to be the change I want to see in the world. I challenge myself to be myself.

I am passionate about education. For me, the most important attitude in education is that I do not give you the knowledge; I help you think, reflect, and create knowledge yourself. Because that is how you truly learn something.
When working as a University lecturer, I stay true to this by being very interactive, engaging, and spontaneous and in that way able to respond to whatever my MSc Psychology students bring me.
In the workshops I deliver I usually incorporate a lot of discussion, which, unfortunately, is kind of restricted on Udemy. But I make sure to spark your thinking in other ways.
When working as a psychologist and life coach, I focus on making my clients realise the answers to their questions themselves and provide anecdotal stories to give them some ideas.
The underlying mission in all of my work is to help people connect more with themselves and with others. Experiencing a high level of connection, we are able to far exceed what we previously thought we were capable of. Want to join?
All the best,
Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 4m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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