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Light Saber Duel by LudoSport – Master Form 1 (Sub. Eng)

Evolve your Saber Skills by practical exercises, theorical lessons, slow motion, common mistakes and details!
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************************* The course is delivered in ITALIAN and is fully subtitled in ENGLISH: LudoSport was founded in Italy and the names of all the fencing techniques and movements are maintained in the original language. *****************************

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about the combat you saw at the cinema, wanting to become a real Jedi just like them? Haven’t you ever used umbrellas or broom handles to simulate using a light saber to fight your enemies? Just think if you could enter that world full of heroes from a galaxy far, far away…

From today, thanks to Ludosport Evolve, your dreams can come true!

By following the valuable advice that Dante, our online coach, provides, you will have the opportunity to learn light saber fencing techniques and receive essential advice for becoming a true master of Light Saber Combat, wherever you are and at any time of the day.

This course will take you on an exciting learning path for “Form 1”, the first of many styles codified by Ludosport, originally inspired by the characteristics that define the style of “Jedi combat”, that is known as “Shii-Cho” in the well-known Star Wars sage. In Ludosport it has evolved, taking on an independent identity from its imaginary one that is was originally inspired by, becoming a real, complete form of fencing that can be used in competitive combat that takes place as part of the well-known sports competition circuit: the LudoSport Network.

In this course, every movement is described in detail to guarantee that anyone can learn and apply them.

The decade-long experience of LudoSport instructors and athletes is now online, giving everyone the possibility of discovering this new, exciting combat sport, that is free of any violent elements and actually brings together all types of people.

Thanks to Ludosport Evolve you will have the opportunity to:
•Learn the first combat style codified by LudoSport, Form 1
•Use all the attack and defence movements of this Light Saber Combat Form in duels
•Manage the basic fencing concepts of time, distance and range and manage to move within the space expertly and with agility
•Link several attack and defence movements together to build offensive and defensive sequences when having fun with your friends
•Learn winning tactics and strategies to use in combat
•Become a part of an international network and have the possibility of validating your skills to be able to take part in LudoSport circuit competitions
•Add to your knowledge and training (if you are already a Form 1 course pupil)
•Use the online lessons to go over what you already know whenever and wherever you want to (if you are pupil of the subsequent forms)
•Have an interactive reference always to hand for helping you with your lesson plan (if you are an instructor)

For the purpose of our training path, you will not really be able to deflect blaster strikes or cut off the head of bounty hunters (that only really happens in the best science fiction films), but what we can promise you is that you will no longer need to just rely on the “Force” (according to the case!) to move you light saber! At the end of this course, you will have a thorough technical awareness of a codified sport and will be able to use the first, essential Form in combat, with its sporting light saber fencing techniques that are used worldwide by the LudoSport network athletes.

Course characteristics:
•The course is a manual that you will always have to hand, that you can consult from any device, anywhere and at any time of day
•It contains practical exercises, slow motion videos, common errors and details that allow you to put what you have learnt into practice and actually tangibly improve! – your technique
•Contains in-course quizzes to help you assess your level of training
•It is filmed with full HD Video and Audio: High resolution graphics and impeccable audio. We are committed to providing the highest quality audio-visual support to ensure an optimal experience for our students
•You will be awarded an end-of-course certificate: At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate for having completed the training and congratulations from all the Ludosport Evolve team and the Founding Masters

What you will actually learn:
•The basic principles of light saber fencing
•The rules and guides for your safety
•How to maintain your posture and a correct grip
•The footwork
•The offensive and defensive movements of Prima Croce
•Legatura of movements
•The offensive and defensive movements of Seconda Croce
•How to approach your first duels
•Combat strategies and tactics
•How to put what you have learnt from the numerous exercises contained in the course into practice

These are all elements that will allow you to enter the real world of light saber fencing so that you can enjoy yourself with your friends or other network members!


The birth of LudoSport
Sporting Light Saber Combat is an original sporting discipline created and codified by Simone Spreafico, Gianluca Longo and Fabio Monticelli starting from 2005 and regularly carried out as part of a teaching system named “LudoSport” from 2006.

This sport:
•Is inspired and created in all its techniques using an imaginary weapon with a blade of pure energy that can cut everything except itself, in any direction;
•It is a form of combat, therefore based on competition;
•it is a form of sporting combat, therefore inspired by clear, structured rules and principles.

Sporting Light Saber Combat is divided into several combat forms, known as “Styles”, that differ from each other but that are perfectly compatible when executed and used with each other: each of them can be used in combat with the others.

Teaching is structured with a progression in the complexity and physical commitment required, to allow easy learning for anyone as a part of a gradual path.

Our principles
Sporting Light Saber Combat was conceived and is promoted each day in observance of the principles of loyalty, discipline, fair play, respect, passion and a sense of belonging that characterise the sport in the modern Olympic ideal.

On this matter, LudoSport has defined its own key rule, Se.Cu.Ri. (Servizio, Cura, Rispetto – Service, Care, Respect):
•Servizio is each athlete’s willingness to support all their companions on a path to technical improvement.
•Cura is shown through the control exercised in techniques and in general attention to not harming our companions
•Rispetto comes from self-awareness, awareness of our strengths and weaknesses, and leads to a correct way of interacting with others, in the awareness that we must not underestimate anyone, whatever their rank or experience.

The technical execution of movements requires specific control training.

In our sport, we do not use protection excessively as, by limiting freedom of movement, they also limit our freedom of expression.
We are not medieval knights in suits of shiny armour, we do not like masks as they hide the face of those competing in the arena, and we also believe that excessive protections may – even subconsciously – provide a psychological justification of an almost random use of the athlete’s saber: “Well, my opponent is protected by padding”.
We do not intend light saber fencing to be an unsightly brawl. Control is at the very heart of truly mastering our saber and guarantees sensible, technical movements. This is why practising control is essential for us, and when practised correctly, it allows us to drive our blade forward at 140 km/hour in a fraction of a second, and then stop it exactly where and when we want.

All our members are appreciated for the quality of their performance rather than for any victory they may achieve. All genuine desires to work together for their companions and the society are also rewarded.
LudoSport guarantees a real situation of equal opportunities for all Light Saber Combat athletes, where race, age, gender, different skills, social and economic class, political and religious beliefs are never prejudiced.
Using the meticulous educational research conducted by its Masters, LudoSport has also driven its own founding principles to the point of being able to accommodate disabled people, proving that sport can truly overcome any physical barriers.

Why is Ludosport right for you?
Right from the start, LudoSport aimed to be an excellence in the realm of sporting innovation.
Thanks to the serene environment created in each of its structures, LudoSport creates a positive context for promoting and sustaining an ethical culture in sport, involving both its instructors and athletes, creating an atmosphere that stimulates consistent behaviour and respect for all those involved.
Thanks to its founding rules, the sport transmits the message of respect in all forms and opportunities. In this way, the sport is always dominated by behaviour based on fair play, sharing and mutual help.
The play and sporting sides of the sport offered by LudoSport are favourable to mental and physical well-being, protecting the athletes’ fundamental right to take part in a sport where competition is healthy and not negative for those involved.

LudoSport favours and promotes socialising within its structure, both during the sporting activities and also outside of training, creating positive contexts for spending time together and giving everyone a role, regardless of the level of technical preparation they have achieved. The educational value of “merit” is also included in a social value, rewarding personal initiatives that are helpful for members as a whole.


What are you waiting for? Dante is waiting to share his experience with you and invite you into the fantastic world of Light Saber Combat!

cit. “This is the course that you were waiting for!”

This is the course that you were waiting for.

Press the red button and enter the hyperguide.

You will learn

✓ You will handle the LightSaber in a cool, determined and elegant way, just like your favorite hero!
✓ You will become an expert of Form 1, the first light saber fencing combat style codified by Ludosport
✓ You will learn to use all the attack and defence movements of Form 1 of Light Saber Combat when duelling
✓ You will be able to manage the basic fencing concepts of Time, Distance and Range and will move within the space with ease and grace
✓ You will know how to link together attacks and defences to build offensive and defensive sequences that you can use to have fun with your friends
✓ You will win your first duels, having learnt the most effective tactics and strategies to use in combat
✓ You will have the opportunity to be a part of an international network and after validating your skills, you will be able to take part in competitions on the LudoSport circuit
✓ If you are already a Form 1 LudoSport athlete, you can add to your knowledge and speed up your training
✓ If you are already a LudoSport athlete who has progressed to other Styles, you can use the online lessons to revise Form 1, whenever and wherever you want
✓ If you are already a LudoSport instructor, you will have an interactive reference to hand to help you with your lesson planning


• There are no particular pre-requisites. All you need to do is make your wish to begin safely moving around and having fun come true
• A suitably-sized space unhindered by objects or people
• A light saber or mock item with similar characteristics

This course is for

• You’re a fan of the world-famous Saga and… Ooooh, my God, there’s a Light Saber sport?!?
• You want to discover a new way to train, anywhere, anytime, combining reality and fantasy
• You own a Light Saber and use it for pleasure, but you have always dreamed of finding a way of to use it in a real world
• You already take part in another fencing discipline and want to experience something new, discovering how to adapt the techniques you already know to an imaginary weapon
• You want to join the LudoSport Network, but there isn’t an academy in your area
• You are a Ludosport student attending a Form 1 class: you can use this course as a supplement to your weekly class.
• You have already progressed to more advanced Forms: you can use it as a tool to review and practise when and where you want!
• You are an instructor: you can have an interactive reference always to hand to help you plan the teaching content for your class
Performer, Actor, Videomaker, E-Learning Creative Creator
I graduated from the acting course at the National School of Cinema in Rome in 2018, and straight after I became a part of this first enormous permanent immersive Italian show created by Marco Balich together with scientific collaboration from the Vatican Museums. The show was called Universal Justice and I play the main role of Michelangelo for a full year.
To the passion for acting and film direction, I added the passion for Elearning systems, and I specialized in the creation of Online Courses in which, whatever was the subject (from lightsaber fencing techniques to artificial intelligence technologies), I always tried to include all my commitment and my creativity.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 49m
Language: English
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