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Level 6 – Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program

Learn How to Trade Intraday Pivots, Intraday Pivot Range, False Breakouts, Donchian Channel & Multiple Timeframes
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All the Levels of The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program are designed to help you : 
•Learn How to Trade Stocks, Forex & Commodities Using Candlesticks & Technical Analysis to Become a Professional Trader
The Following Topics are Covered in this Course : 
Candlesticks with Intraday Pivot Levels (20 Videos) 
•The Break of S1 and S2
•The Hanging Man at S1
•Price Action Inside the Pivot Levels
•R2 Becomes New Support
•The Power of the Central Pivot Level
•The Gravitational Pull of the Central Pivot Level
•A Wide Pivot Range
•S1 as a Strong Support
•The Power of a Window
•The Downside Break of R1
•The Dark Cloud Cover at R2
•The Combination of Candlesticks & Pivot Levels
•The Hammer at S1
•Reward to Risk and Pivot Levels
•False Breakout of R1
•Aggressive Upside Breakout
•The Correct Entry Level
•The Morning Star at S1
•S1 Becomes Resistance
•No Trade Zones
Candlesticks with Intraday Central Pivot Range (20 Videos)
•The Central Pivot Range Chart
•The Central Pivot Range Width
•Price Action in a Downtrend
•Price Action in an Uptrend
•An Inverted Hammer Inside the Central Pivot Range
•The Precision of the Central Pivot Range
•The Bearish Engulfing Pattern at the Central Pivot Range
•The Power of S1 in an Uptrend
•The Power of R1 in a Downtrend
•The Central Pivot Range as a Resistance
•The Central Pivot Range as a Support
•No Trade Zone
•Aggressive Trading with the Central Pivot Range
•The Downside Break of the Central Pivot Range
•The Bullish Engulfing Pattern at the Central Pivot Range
•Single Candle Break of the Central Pivot Range
•Reward to Risk Consideration at the Central Pivot Range
•Identifying Barriers to Profit Target
•The Shooting Star at the Central Pivot Range
•Trade Comparison
Candlesticks with False Breaks (20 Videos)
•The Bullish Engulfing Pattern at a False Breakout
•False Break at a Multi Tested Resistance
•The Hammer at a False Break
•The Shooting Star as a False Break
•Reward to Risk Consideration at the False Break
•Always wait for a Confirmation
•False Breakout Vs Real Breakout
•Always Keep a Stop Loss
•The Cost of Waiting for a Confirmation
•Don’t Apply the Three Candle Rule Here
•Pay Attention to Market Context
•A Window is a Window Till it Breaks
•The Bearish Engulfing Pattern as a False Break
•Hammer Confirming a False Break
•The Bullish Engulfing Pattern Confirming a False Break
•Don’t Take This Trade
•Don’t Always Wait for a False Break
•The Piercing Pattern Confirming a False Break
•Correctly Identify a False Break
•The Strength of a Support
Candlesticks with Stops & Price Targets (20 Videos)
•Three Price Targets
•The Use of Time Stops
•Trading the False Break
•The Incorrect Price Stop
•Don’t Jump on a Box Range
•Watch out before you Pull the Trigger
•Resistance Zone
•Support Zone
•Wide Resistance Zone
•Narrow Support Zone as a Stop Loss
•Using a Moving Average as a Mental Stop Loss
•Reward to Risk Consideration with Wide Support & Resistance Zones
•Adjusting Position Size
•Listen to the Market
•No Trade Zone
•Mental Stop Loss
•Exiting Before the Target
•The Decision to Stay in a Trade
•Have a Price Stop & a Mental Stop
•Removing Price Target & Moving the Stop
Candlesticks with Multiple Timeframes (20 Videos)
•Waiting for a Bearish Signal
•A Classic Uptrend
•Price Pullback in Process
•Price Heading Towards the Target
•Bullish Price Action
•Rangebound Price Action
•Market Consolidation
•Shooting for the Moon
•Wait for a Retracement
•A Clear Downtrend
•Watch out for a Moving Average Breakout
•Neutral Trend
•A Downside Breakout is Likely
•Price Breaking Multi Tested Support
•The Falling Window as a Resistance
•Volatile Price Action
•The Bulls are in Charge
•Upside Breakout is Possible
•Price Near Resistance
•The Hanging Man at Resistance
Candlesticks with Donchian Channel (20 Videos)
•The Bearish Engulfing Pattern at the UB
•Trading with Confirmation
•Trade to Avoid
•Shooting Star Confirming a Falling Window
•A Hammer to be Ignored
•Reward to Risk Consideration at the Evening Star
•Downside Break of the MB
•Downside Breakout with a Falling Window
•Avoiding False Signals
•The Correct Stop Loss Placement
•Look for Multiple Confirmations
•Trading a Pullback in an Uptrend
•Bottom Formation at the LB
•An Inverted Hammer at the LB
•A Temporary Retracement in an Uptrend
•Pay Close Attention to the Windows
•The Traditional Upside Breakouts
•The Power of the MB as a Support in an Uptrend
•The Piercing Pattern at the MB
•The Value in Waiting for a Confirmation
Learn concepts that apply to any type of trading. If you know how to read one chart, you can read them all. This course through its various levels will help you understand this unique and most primitive technique of trading. The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program can be applied in any or all of the following areas of work :
•Forex Trading / FX Trading / Currency Trading
•Stock Trading
•Commodity Trading
•Options Trading
•Futures Trading
•Intraday Trading / Day Trading
•Positional Trading 
•Swing Trading
•Technical Analysis of Stocks, Commodities & Currencies
•Price Action Trading
•Chart Pattern Analysis
•Cryptocurrency Trading
Standard Disclaimer : The material presented here is for educational purposes only. Please do proper due diligence. There are risks involved in markets. Returns are never guaranteed. The Japanese Candlesticks are a tool, not a trading system. However, they can be used for any timeframe, any asset class (stocks, commodities & currencies) and any financial instrument (spot, futures & options). The principles discussed in this course are applicable to any market in the world, provided the price information is accurate and is coming from a reliable source. This course is not about which broker you should use or how to use your respective broker platform. This course is about educating you on Japanese Candlesticks in detail so that you can apply these principles in your own market and in your own trading style and timeframe.

You will learn

✓ Find out Why Pivot Points are Crucial to Your Intraday Trading Success
✓ Learn How to Use the Intraday Central Pivot Range along with other Pivot Levels to Minimize Your Risk
✓ Understand the 4 Step Method to Trading False Breaks & False Breakouts with Candlesticks
✓ Learn How to Place Precise Stops & Price Targets with Candlesticks & Support & Resistance Levels
✓ Find out How Multiple Timeframe Analysis When Combined with Candlesticks can give Excellent Trading Opportunities
✓ Learn How to Use the Donchian Channel along with Candlesticks to Always Trade From the Correct Side of the Market


• You must have the Willingness to Learn & Study
• You must have an Open Mind to New Concepts
• You must be Willing to Question Your Existing Beliefs About the Markets & Candle Patterns
• You must preferably do Level 1 to 5 of my Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program

This course is for

• Salaried Professionals
• Doctors
• Lawyers
• Entrepreneurs
• Retirees
• Students
• Home Makers
• Anyone Who is Serious About “Professional Trading as a Way of Earning a Consistent Income from the Markets”
Investor | Entrepreneur | Trader | Podcaster | Trainer
Rohit is a CFA Charterholder, a Nison Certified Advanced Japanese Candlesticks Trader, a Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer, and a Podcast Show Host. He comes with more than a decade of experience in the Banking & Financial Services Space, both in the domestic as well as the global market. He is a Producer & Co-Producer of Multiple Digital Products. His podcast, The Rohit Radio Show is available on Apple, Google & Spotify.  He loves Investing, Trading, Event Hosting, Podcasting, Training, Reading and is a Movie Buff.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 36m
Language: English
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