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LEED Green Associate V4 | 400 Questions by Credit Categories

LEED GA Questions by Categories were prepared by an approved USGBC Faculty in accordance with the GBCI LEED GA exams.
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LEED® GREEN ASSOCIATE™ V4 practice test questions consist of multiple-choice questions for only the selected credit category. The students will be able to assess their knowledge and ability to finish the exam with the required score practicing a total of 400 Questions in 6 tests designed to meet the actual exam areas of knowledge. The practice questions are applicable for LEED V4 and will give you a life-time access to the tests. with unlimited times to take the tests.
The practice questions were prepared by a USGBC approved instructor “USGBC Faculty – Karim elnabawy.  USGBC® Faculty are experienced educators with a strong background in professional education, training, and facilitation in green building and sustainability development.
Each simulation exam will allow the students to focus on the credit categories they are studying while providing explanation on correct and incorrect answers. Our practice questions are designed to include easy, medium, hard and expert levels of questions. 
Note: LEED Green Associate exam targets the understanding of LEED and sustainability concepts and Not what is actually required in each credit to be achieved. The same questions here are provided in practice simulation exams in the other course available on Udemy however the other questions are not categorized per category and are displayed in a simulated exam environment. We do recommend to take both practice tests and questions by credit categories. The price of question by credit categories is discounted along with the practice tests to consider both together in your study.
The 6 practice Questions are as follows:
•Practice Test 01 – Location and Transportation | Sustainable Sites – 64 Questions.
•Practice Test 02 – Water Efficiency | Energy and Atmosphere – 92 Questions.
•Practice Test 03 – Materials and Resources – 40 Questions.
•Practice Test 04 – Indoor Environmental Quality – 49 Questions.
•Practice Test 05 – Integrative Strategies | Project Surroundings – 88 Questions
•Practice Test 06 – LEED Process | 68 Questions.
Benefits of our practice questions:
•You will assess your knowledge prior to the final LEED exam.
•You will have access to 400 questions that are designed to be ranging between easy, medium, hard and expert levels.
•Understand the reasoning behind each question and answer and the related knowledge area to be able to restudy or revise.
•Our practice tests are considered part of your studies as they will cover the whole LEED Green Associate book.
•You will become familiar with Green Building Terminologies.
•You will likely most pass the exam from your first attempt.
•You can directly contact the course provider for any questions that require more clarification, and he will reply as soon as he can.
•The LEED exam assesses candidates’ abilities at three hierarchical cognitive levels: Recall, Application and Analysis.
• Recall Items: These items assess a candidate’s ability to recall factual material that is presented in a similar context to the exam references. 
• Application Items: These items provide the candidate with a novel problem or scenario that the candidate can solve using familiar principles or procedures described in the exam references. 
• Analysis Items: These items assess a candidate’s ability to break the problem down into its components to create a solution. The candidate must not only recognize the different elements of the problem, but must also evaluate the relationship or interactions of these elements.
Our exams are prepared in accordance with LEED requirement and score allocation for each actual exam:
•LEED Process (16 Questions)
•Integrative Strategies (8 Questions).
•Location and Transportation (7 Questions) = Total practice questions: 28 Question.
•Sustainable Sites (7 Questions) = Total practice questions: 28 Question.
•Water Efficiency (9 Questions) = Total practice questions: 36 Question.
•Energy and Atmosphere (10 Questions) = Total practice questions: 40 Question.
•Materials and Resources (9 Questions) = Total practice questions: 36 Question.
•Indoor Environmental Quality (8 Questions) = Total practice questions: 32 Question.
•Project Surroundings and Public Outreach (11 Questions) = Total practice questions: 44 Question.
•The exam contains (15 unscored questions) – In our simulation exams, we will distribute the 15 unscored questions among the other 9 knowledge areas.
Each question should take an average of 72 seconds.
Get ready to test your green building skills and enroll now!
General notes:
•The practice questions are provided by karim elnabawy – GBERA “Green Building Education and Research Academy” and it took a huge amount of time and effort to be developed in a way that will allow students benefit from them. The practice questions are not allowed to be distributed outside Udemy by any means. Only sharing the official link to the course is allowed.
•Screenshots are not allowed.
•The Practice questions are not related officially by any means to USGBC or GBCI education programs.
•In the following link, you will understand how to use UDEMY practice tests: https://support.udemy.com/hc/en-us/articles/231954647-Practice-Test-FAQs 
•GBERA is not affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council®  or Green Business Certification Inc.™ and does not administer the LEED AP® /LEED®  Green Associate™ program. USGBC and GBCI do not endorse or recommend the products or services offered by GBERA. 
•LEED AP® and the LEED AP logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are used with permission.
•LEED® Green Associate™ and the LEED Green Associate logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and are used with permission.

You will learn


This course is for

• LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE™ students who are preparing for the exam.
• LEED GREEN ASSOCIATE™ holders who want to challenge themselves and revise LEED and Green building terminologies.
• Green Building professionals who want to learn more about LEED terminologies and processes.
• Green Building and sustainability experts who want to challenge themselves with the professional and expert levels of the 3rd and 4th Exams.
• Students who are passionate about Green Building.
• Any person above 18 years’ old and want to learn green building.
• Architects, Urban planners, and landscape professionals.
• Mechanical and Electrical engineers (MEP).
• Civil engineers, construction professionals, and Site engineers.
Sustainability Consultant | Principal Architect | Instructor
Karim Elnabawy, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Environmental Specialist, Project Architect, and Licensed Instructor from U.S. Green Building Council, LEED Accredited Professional with multiple accreditations and certifications, and project management professional.
With 10+ years of experience, I have wide experience in sustainable design, Architecture, Environment, energy and construction where I have led sustainable development in various projects in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Oman.
I have received many awards for architecture and sustainable design excellence from USA, Italy, Greece, Emirates, India, and Egypt. In 2017, I was shortlisted for the rising star of the year in the ME from Construction Week Magazine for my contribution in sustainability and green building practices in construction industry. I have managed to train more than 3000 professionals, academics, and students on sustainability and green building practices.
I recognizes sustainability in the built environment to be an interdisciplinary issue that requires bridging between science and design, education and practice; in broader terms, I considers sustainability as a form of Quality. To emphasize sustainable practices, I established GBERA “Green Building Education and Research Academy” that provides education courses, research analysis, and professional sustainability services.

• Sustainable buildings design and master sites development, environmental assessment, green building rating systems application, and construction supervision.
• Architecture design and supervision including conceptual design, design development, construction documents and drawings, tender queries, technical coordination, construction management, and operations and maintenance.
• Development of Sustainability and Environmental reports throughout all project phases.
• LEED, WELL, Estidama Pearl rating system, MOSTADAM, TRUE zero waste, and EDGE Green Building rating systems knowledge, and experience.
• Stakeholder engagement, client interface, and communication skills with experience of engaging executive leaders.
• LEED Online documentation experience, LEED Reviews, and LEED project Administration.
• Technical and design review to materials and samples submittals, shop drawings, method statements, RFIs,
• Adhering to ASHRAE 62.1, ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Modeling, ASHRAE 55, IBC codes and regulations, SCAQMD, ISO 14000, and EPA CGP
• Preparation of the following analysis and calculations: weighted average U-Value, WWR analysis, Annual Average Shading Factor, Façade shading-devices, envelope thermal performance, Fresh air calc., LPD calc., Site rainwater management, and landscape water use.
• Sustainability Value Engineering through selection of materials, and drawings modification.
• Preparing construction environmental Management plans, coordinating pollution prevention strategies, commissioning process, Energy and water use management, waste management, and indoor air quality management.
• Analytical knowledge for data analysis and setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for energy efficiency, waste reduction, emission reduction, and other sustainability goals.
• Professional training and presentation skills with over 3000 online professional and student from 2018 till now.

+ USGBC Faculty™ – A global network of credible, qualified instructors, teachers and facilitators with deep expertise in and passion for sustainability that cuts across sectors, cultures and geographies. 
+ Intl. Assoc. AIA – Membership in American Institute of Architects.
+ LEED® AP BD+C – Accredited professional in building design and construction from USGBC.+ LEED® AP O+M – Accredited professional in operations and maintenance from USGBC+ LEED® AP ID+C – Accredited professional in interior design and construction from USGBC.+ PMP® – Project management professional from PMI.+ WELL AP™ – Accredited professional in wellness in the built environment from IWBI.+ C2C Catalyst Certified™ – Cradle to Cradle Certification program.+ Estidama PQP-PBRS – Pearl Qualified Professional in pearl Building rating system from UPC Abo Dhabi.+ SSYB™ – Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt™.
+ BSc Architecture | Alexandria university, Egypt
+ MSc Sustainability and building services engineering | Heriot watt university, UK.

+ Shortlisted| Rising star of the Year in ME – UAE – 2017+ 1st Prize| Sednaoui Alkhazindar rehabilitation – Cairo, Egypt – 2010.+ 2nd Prize| New Mansura University – Mansoura,Egypt – 2009.+ 2nd Prize| New Capital City – Cairo, Egypt – 2012.+ 2nd Prize| Black Taj – Time Unfuse – India – 2018.+ 3rd Prize| Sustainability Center – Alexandria, Egypt – 2010.+ Honorable Mention| Evolo Skyscraper – USA – 2011.+ Honorable mention| Leverano Horizon Tower – Lecee, Italy – 2014.+ Special Mention| Piraeus facade reformation – Piraeus, Greece – 2010.+ Honorable Mention| Syndicate Club revitalization – Alex, Egypt – 2013.+ Honorable Mention| Stanly office building – Alexandria, Egypt – 2014.+ Finalist| Mixed use building – Hamburg, Germany – 2015.+ Exhibition| Land art generator – Abo Dhabi, UAE – 2010.+ Finalist/Exhibition| Omraneya Graduation Projects, Amman, Jordan – 2010.+ Exhibition| Science City Complex, Cairo, Egypt – 2016.

+ Evolo Magazine|Seeds of Life Awarded project 2011 ‘’Book’’+ Evolo Website| Skyscrapers online magazine Land Art Generator ‘’Layers of Dubai’’ Project 2010Evolo Skyscraper Awarded proposal ‘’Seeds of Life’’ project 2011+ Archdaily|10 Million Monthly Visit Taking Leave Awarded Proposal ‘’Data Driven City’’ 2012Evolo Skyscraper Awarded proposal ‘’Seeds of Life’’ project 2011 Land Art Generator ‘’Layers of Dubai’’ Project 2010 Piraeus tower facade reformation awarded proposal 2010+ Bustler|Architecture CompetitionsEvolo Skyscraper Awarded proposal ‘’Seeds of Life’’ project 2011+ Greek Architects Magazine|Architecture MagazinePiraeus tower facade reformation awarded proposal 2010+ Inhabitat|Green building DesignsEvolo Skyscraper Awarded proposal ‘’Seeds of Life’’ project 2011Land Art Generator ‘’Layers of Dubai’’ Project 2010+ AECCafe|architecture website The World Sustainability centre awarded proposal 2011+ Stanly Real Estate|awards Ceremony
Awarded Proposal exhibition for new stanly HQ 2014+ Biblioteca de alexandria|Science City complex competition International Exhibition featured science city proposal 2016+ UNESCO’s|Culture center International Competition Online Exhibition for the cultural center proposal 2015+ Archistart|Architecture website Awarded Proposal for horizon tower in Lecee 2014
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