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Learn Windows PowerShell 7 – In Just 2.5 Hours! (2021, With Scripting)

THIS COURSE IS KEPT UP TO DATE FREQUENTLY-LAST UPDATE: DECEMBER 2020 ADDED:1 HOUR OF CONTENT! Learning Windows PowerShell won't just take your IT skills to a...
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Learning Windows PowerShell won’t just take your IT skills to a new level, it will open a new portal!

No matter what your workflow is, learning PowerShell will add a new layer of efficiency and productivity.

PowerShell 7 is so versatile that if you do any task  in a computer you can always find a use for it.

Don’t believe us?

Here is what some of our students have to say:

Jackues Martin:

“Outstanding. Great course and awesome instructor!”

Robert Milli (Translated):

“I was afraid that this course was for “absolute beginners”, but the way in which the instructor explained allowed me to learn new things.”

Gary Komarraju:
“Everything explained is very clear to understand for a beginner.”

Become one of those happy students by enrolling now!

What you’ll learn:

In this course you will learn exactly what Windows PowerShell is and gain valuable insight on how PowerShell actually works rather than memorizing commands.

Even if you are a complete beginner with no previous experience, you will learn everything from the ground up, step by step in a fun and engaging way.

PowerShell, and specifically PowerShell 7, is one of the most powerful tools in the windows operating system and it can be used to do almost anything.

From simple tasks such as moving, renaming and deleting files to troubleshooting your system or network and automating small tasks using PowerShell scripting.

By the end of this course, i am confident, that you will:

  • Have a deep understanding on what windows PowerShell is and how it works.

  • Be able to complete complex tasks in an instant using the PowerShell console and PowerShell scripts.

  • Effectively troubleshoot or manage a network from the PowerShell 7 console.

  • Use your computer much more efficiently.

  • Automate small tasks using PowerShell scripts.

  • And much MUCH more…

Specifically here is what you will learn:

PowerShell CmdLets, PowerShell Parameters, Creating & Manipulating Files/Folders & Hard/Symbolic Links, PowerShell Host Applications, PowerShell Variables, PowerShell Aliases, PowerShell Profiles, PowerShell Operators, PowerShell Objects, PowerShell Pipeline, Pipeline Variables, PowerShell Scripting: PowerShell Conditional Statements, PowerShell Functions, PowerShell For Loops, While, Do & Until Loops, PowerShell Arrays, PowerShell ForEach Loops, Error Handling in PowerShell Scripts, PowerShell Modules, Background Jobs, PowerShell Remoting.

All that & much more, in just 2.5 hours!

if you are ready to become a poweruser join me and the other students by enrolling now.

What are you waiting for?

Enroll NOW to get started!

You will learn

Congratulations on finishing the course!

For your class project, use what you have learned in the course, and do one (or all) of the following:

  • The best way to learn PowerShell is to actually start using it. So for, at least, one day try using only the PowerShell console instead of the windows GUI. This would include using PowerShell to browse trough your files, open applications and change windows settings, and anything else you do on your computer.
  • Scripting in PowerShell is very powerful, take advantage of it and create a PowerShell script that automates some part of your workflow.

These exercises should help strengthen your PowerShell knowledge.

If at any point you struggle to accomplish a task, take advantage of the Get-Command cmdlet to find cmdlets and the Get-Help cmdlet to get information on them, just like we learned. If are still having difficulty finishing your class project, make a quick google search and find a solution.

Have fun!


There is no requirement, anyone can start this course.

This course is for

Anybody can take this course, as it is suitable for all levels.

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Genius Hub has created 3 courses that got 15 reviews which are generally positive. Genius Hub has taught 733 students and received a 4.0 average review out of 15 reviews. Depending on the information available, Genius Hub is a TRUSTED instructor.
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Platform: Skillshare
Video: 2h 19m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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