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Learn to Draw 21 Business Scenarios (Visual Thinking)

DRAW and Communicate Visually these 21 very common business scenarios
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Visualization is the new way of business communication. Visual drawings make teams creative and creative teams are more productive.  In this course you will learn to draw 21 very common business scenarios by using quick doodles. BE READY TO BE AMAZED.
You can draw while watching the video and pause it at your comfort and watch it again.

You will learn

✓ Students will learn to draw common business scenarios and use these drawings during presentations, process management and training.
✓ 1 Drawing “Motivated team and Resistive team”
✓ 2 Drawing “Scrum masters and Project managers”
✓ 3 Drawing “Decision Making”
✓ 4 Drawing “IT solutions “
✓ 5 Drawing “Delivery of Services”
✓ 6 Drawing “Tug of War”
✓ 7 Drawing “Teams Having Different Personalities”
✓ 8 Drawing “Knowledge Transfer”
✓ 9 Drawing “Assigning Responsibilities”
✓ 10 Drawing “Team Collaboration”
✓ 11 Drawing “Product Development”
✓ 12 Drawing “Obstacles”
✓ 13 Drawing “Customer First”
✓ 14 Drawing “Integrity”
✓ 15 Drawing “Stakeholders”
✓ 16 Drawing “Agenda”
✓ 17 Drawing “Vision and Mission”
✓ 18 Drawing “Various Professions”
✓ 19 Drawing “Actions”
✓ 20 Drawing “Recruitment/ Firing”
✓ 21 Drawing “Visual Resume”


• No experience of drawing needed
• You will require white papers (around 25-30), a black 2 mm marker pen and a light color highlighter.
• You can also you ipad and stylus
• Require attitude of learning and open mind to make mistakes.

This course is for

• Corporate Professionals
• Trainers / Coaches
• Entrepreneurs
• Design thinkers
• Graphic design enthusiasts
• Illustrators
• Designers
• Typography experts
• Creative writers and bloggers
• Content creators
• Mass communication professionals
• Scrum masters, change management consultants and project managers
Visual Storytelling Traine, Flip chart Storyboard Coach
I am Piyuesh Modi (business name Curious Piyuesh) and I am a Visual Thinking Coach and an Online Marketing Trainer. I am an MBA Marketing from Symbiosis International, Pune, India and B.Tech from NIT Surat, India and I have been an Entrepreneur for last  9 years.

I am on a mission to empower professionals (Managers, Trainers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Designers) with Visual Storytelling using hand drawings. Boring Bullet Pointed Presentations ain’t working (except for putting your stakeholders to sleep). All the big companies out there are looking for employees and trainers who are good with visual storytelling. And it is not just for the sales team but for almost all the departments who have to communicate with customers, internally, board meetings and learning/ development

I live in The Netherlands has trained more than 450 participants trained in Visual Thinking and given 2500+ man hours of Knowledge transfer to participants from 14+ countries including The Netherlands | France | India | USA | Belgium | Sweden | Hungary | Germany | China | Ukraine | Albania | Bosnia | Austria | Italy. I conduct Live Workshops in Corporate and individual Masterclasses. He also conducts Virtual Live Trainings (specially during Covid 19 scenario)

I can be contacted at

Website: CuriousPiyuesh

Instagram: @CuriousPiyuesh

Twitter: @CuriousPiyuesh

Facebook: CuriousPiyuesh

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 37m
Language: English
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