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Learn to Direct by Watching Movies

The fun and easy way to learn about film directing and filmmaking without going to film school.
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Now there is a fun and easy way for ANYONE to learn the art and craft of directing, without spending thousands of dollars and years of your life going to film school, and without spending countless hours reading long, boring filmmaking books.
Learn to Direct by Watching Movies teaches you the art and craft of directing using a popular, modern, Hollywood film that is easy to find.
You learn directing techniques, tips and tricks, and filmmaking fundamentals used by a working director by analyzing one of their feature films.
“Learn To Direct is a fantastic tool for aspiring filmmakers. It is the ideal blend of practical and artistic knowledge that will challenge you to ask yourself the questions necessary to succeed in creating your vision. Learn To Direct is fun, easy, and informative.”
– Naomi Ward, Independent Filmmaker
How it Works:
Watch the Movie: Grab some popcorn, sit back in your comfy chair, and watch the feature movie. You supply the film, but Seven Pounds is a modern, popular film starring Will Smith, so it is easy to find on DVD, iTunes, Netflix, On Demand, and other services.
You can choose to watch the movie before you watch the course, while you are taking the course, after you take the course, or not at all. It’s completely up to you!
Watch the Course: The program analyzes scenes from the film as well as the director’s commentary to teach film directing fundamentals as well as the specific director’s techniques, tips, and tricks.
Apply the Skills: Take what you’ve learned and apply it immediately to your video and film productions. From short films to full length features, you’ll be amazed the skills you developed just by watching a movie!

The course consists of three parts:

1. Director’s Commentary Summary
First, we see what we can learn about the art and craft of directing by taking a look at the director’s commentary. You don’t have to spend hours listening to the commentary trying to find information on directing, that’s all been done for you. The information is grouped into categories for easy learning.
2. In-Depth Scene Analysis
In this section of the course we do a deep-dive, shot-by-shot analysis of several scenes from the movie to see directing techniques in action. 
Each scene analysis comes with a downloadable PDF shot list and edit list so you can see how the scene was created.
3. Optional Directing Challenges
In this completely optional section of the course you are presented with some fun directing challenges based on the scenes we discussed.
You take the supplied shots lists and edit lists and re-create a few scenes from the movie.
You don’t need fancy film equipment of professional actors.
You can use you iPhone and a few friends and you’ll be directing scenes from a major motion picture in no time.
Again, this section is completely optional.

You will learn

✓ Visual storytelling.
✓ How directors think.
✓ Film directing techniques.
✓ Filmmaking tips and tricks.
✓ How to design your shots and scenes
✓ Blocking and shot styles and styles.


• No previous training or experience required!
• This course discusses the Will Smith movie Seven Pounds. If you have not seen the movie, and want to get the most out of this course you may decide you want to rent/buy/stream the film before, during, or after taking the course, or not at all.

This course is for

• Anyone who is interested in learning more about directing movies!
• Filmmakers
• Directors
• Editors
• Writers
• Actors
• Fans of Film
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 56m
Language: English
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