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Have fun in dancing Bachata-Advanced Workshops (New 2021)

8 awesome combinations in your pocket: Technique & Feeling on the Dance Floor ! Dancing bachata to the next level. Fun.
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Created by Mohamed Aissa


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Table of contents



In this new course, we TEACH YOU TECHNIQUE & FEELING  from advanced technique & different styles of Bachata !


-Maybe, you love Bachata & Social Dancing…
-Maybe you are in love for Bachata dance & music…

-Maybe you are well integrated in a very nice local & international dance community…

-Maybe you invest time, money to be the dancer you secretly dream to become…

-Maybe what you prefer the most is to social dancing during some nights…

-Maybe this is for you the occasion to meet known and new friends…

-Maybe this is the occasion for you to put away the daily problems…

-Maybe, social dancing is for you a dance therapy, you simply feel good when you are on the dance floor…

-Maybe you like when you dance and the partner enjoy dancing with you…

-Maybe you like when you can share a good connection during the dance with your partner…

2-But, you are Frustrated because…

-You have a big directory of steps in your smartphone but 80% are hardly reproducible during your bachata nights…

-Maybe the steps are wonderful but more accessible for artists, because taught by artists…

-Maybe most of the steps you have learnt require too much training and time and you do not have enough time …

-Maybe you are bored about just learning technique, technique, technique.

-Maybe, your ambition is to enjoy more during the nights without thinking exclusively about how to follow that technique or to lead that technique….

-Maybe the girls you are dancing with are bored because you just repeat the same 4 or 5 steps during every dance whatever the music…

-Maybe you & the girl are bored in the social dancing…when it should be a place to fully enjoy…

-Maybe you experienced it, you invite a partner and during the first 2min you do your best and then nothing, you lack of inspiration because you have already placed all your technique. And the end of the dance is like a dead bachata dance…

-Maybe some of your bachata Nights are like this? Or a moment in your dance night it is really like this! A Basic routine…

-Your dance is the same as the previous one…

-Your party is the same as the previous one…

-Maybe you want to invest your time to work on the emotional part of the dance to share it with your partner…

-Maybe you are watching some other dancers with envy. Because they have something more than the technique…Like the energy, the feeling they put into the dance. The diversity of their bachata style etc…

3-What would be your  dance experience if…
-You learnt cool moves from a variety of bachata styles?
-You learnt how to interpret the steps you are learning?
-You combined these steps with a specific emotion?
-The girl learnt how to follow a new urban bachata step?
-The boy learnt how to lead this new urban bachata step?
-Behind the step, there is a story: the story to “set the fire on dance floor”?
-Both of the dancers, boy & girl, shared this story together
-It increased the level of connection…?
-She remembered you…?
-He remembered you…?
-The people around remembered you…?
-They were watching you…?


Because you were not (just) dancing anymore…

You were more…

You were one of these rare Leaders or Followers who created an experience on the dance floor…

A step forward in your social dance experience…

4-The concept is …

-Before going to dance tonight, learn a short combination of 3 steps.

-Easy to memorize & Adapted for social dance only!

-Every combo tells a story.

5-The result is…

-Bring some new cool moves & a story on a dance floor with you.

-You are not just a dancer, you are an experience maker!

6-OUR Method of Teaching

For each class, we teach:
•How to lead for the boy?
•How to follow for the girl?
•When to add the emotional part ?
Ps! No choreography, only lead & follow via signal !

7-The Method of Learning
•Take a partner
•Watch us!
•Get your role as a leader or follower!
•Do it with us without music!
•Do it with us with music adding technique & emotional part.
•Do it alone personally to make it before the party.
•Make it during the party & Enjoy…

8-Structure of each class
•We introduce you the course.
•We do the course with you
•We provide you some extra bachata tips at the end of each class.

✔️SO, Get Excited … !

✔️ What our students say about our Online Bachata Classes :

· “​You are a fantastic teacher. Very patient and kind! ” Kneox26 (USA)
· ‘Hi Mohamed, I like the kindness that shines from you and the global philosophy/attitude when dancing with your partner. Please continue making videos like this one , the pace is good for learners like me , not too fast / not too slow. You also provide many subtle advises that worth gold ! I have no doubt your channel will be a success with time , perseverance is key ;-)​Your dance partner also rocks, you together makes an excellent combination ! ” -Jim (New Zealand)
· « The training is really good. There is the part how to dance & the mindset what is also important for me” -Mimi (France)
· « I really like it. We dance at home plugging the classes in our TV. The lessons are very accessible for us beginner and we are progressing faster than we thought because it is well explained what we need to do: follower, leader of the dance. I really love the special library of 100 bachata music. It goes beyond dancing, it is an overall experience. It makes feel us good with my wife” – Robertas & Marija (Lithuania).

✔️ If you have a question during the course, feel free to write me at [email protected] or simply here in the Udemy message center. Generally i answer within the next 24h.
✔️ do not forget to leave your appreciation & feedback here in Udemy! Why? Because it will make the world dance more with fun, love & excitement ! With a review of 5 stars, Udemy will promote the course to more people. You will make the people start dancing bachata. This our beautiful mission !

-Mohamed & Petra


• You have more than 1 year of Bachata practice
• You want to challenge yourself
• Smile & Enthusiasm & Humility are the keys !

You will learn

✓ 8 workshops of Bachata
✓ Technique & Feeling
✓ 20+ steps reproducible in your social dance
✓ Tell a story on the dance floor & dance with connection
✓ Learn how to Lead & Follow advanced steps
✓ Diversity of Bachata styles: Dominican, Moderna, Sensual

This course is for

• Course for intermediates or advanced in Bachata who have the desire to progress
• Anyone interested in dancing for pleasure, desire to be free or self improvement .
• People who want the freedom to dance, feel the music , share with a partner or dance community.
• Dancers with the desire to express and not impress on the dance floor

How much does the Have fun in dancing Bachata-Advanced Workshops (New 2021) course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $11.99. And currently there is a 87% discount on the original price of the course, which was $94.99. So you save $83 if you enroll the course now.

Does the Have fun in dancing Bachata-Advanced Workshops (New 2021) course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Have fun in dancing Bachata-Advanced Workshops (New 2021) has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

Currently we could not find a scholarship for the Have fun in dancing Bachata-Advanced Workshops (New 2021) course, but there is a $83 discount from the original price ($94.99). So the current price is just $11.99.

Who is the instructor? Is Mohamed Aissa a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Mohamed Aissa has created 6 courses that got 47 reviews which are generally positive. Mohamed Aissa has taught 122 students and received a 4.7 average review out of 47 reviews. Depending on the information available, Mohamed Aissa is a TRUSTED instructor.

More info about the instructor, Mohamed Aissa

Passionate Bachata Dancer & Teacher
Embrace the Bachata Passion,Share your taste for latino dance. Obtain new dance skills & get the latino feeling here.How to enjoy our courses at the most?Here is a general guide to help you approach our courses and work optimally with them.- It is ideal for committing to a calendar, adding the same amount of time in your calendar each week to look at one section at a time. Please note that the sections vary and should be timed accordingly.- Please complete all of the videos, with practices that help you deepen your dance knowledge.- Take notes while watching the video or listening to the audio. Talk with your partner, communicate!- Spend time contemplating your growing practice.- It’s a great idea to review and watch again and practice again with your new result.-You can watch several parts at once. Your fate is in your own hands.____________________________________________________________________I share with you my skills on “how to dance Bachata”. I show you a way who worked for me & my students to have a significant experience on the Dancefloor & in your Life. Welcome to Bachata Influence Academy! I have been in passion for dancing & Teaching Bachata for 10 years. This academy is the place to learn & develop your technique of dancing. Learn how to follow & Lead different styles of Bachata to enjoy on the dancefloor.I also care about your mindset to feel good along your learning process. Embrace the journey, I take care of the rest… My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. Spirit and dance technique are the keys of your success in your bachata story If you want to make a change in your dance life, start here. Most dancers struggle to learn bachata and fully develop their potential. I help you to define & create your own bachata legend. I help you to learn how to dance & to be a dancer.You are awesome by nature. With some little actions and adjustments, you can improve the benefits you get from dancing bachata. If you are not born to be a dancer, you can become a complete dancer. I show you a process to go from beginner to master, build your spirit & technique.


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Platform: Udemy
Price: $11.99
Video: 4h 32m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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