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Learn sculpture

How to make a three-dimensional piece clearly and step by step.
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Learn to make a sculpture modeled in traditional plasticine (oil clay): the course guides you step by step in the creation of structures, volumes and surface of the piece, to the final details.
Have you ever had the curiosity to make a sculpture? Are you a student of fine arts and want a clear course that explains simply modeling techniques? Do you want to perfect your sculptural technique and learn more about materials?
In a few hours this video guides you from the realization of a light structure to the creation of volumes, until the final finishes. Each method and each material is clearly explained so that you can use it in the best way.
Do not miss the advice and techniques of a professional! 
remember: you have a 30 days money back guarantee 😀

You will learn

✓ Learn from scratch to make a sculpture
✓ To realize a three-dimensional piece modeled in plasticine or clay
✓ Have knowledge about the use of materials suitable for the manufacture of a sculpture
✓ Construct a simple stable structure
✓ Perform light volumes
✓ Work textures with different techniques


• No knowledge of sculpture of any kind is necessary.
• It is important to have a sculpture project to work: it is a 100% practical course and it is important that you work on a piece of your choice, so that your hands become accustomed to mastering materials and tools.
• If you still do not have a sculpture project, you can take the course and let yourself be inspired by it, but then you must create your own figure (or make a similar one to mine) so that knowledge is practical and not theoretical.
• Persistence: not always everything will come to the first. You have to exercise and repeat the exercises. Little by little everything will turn out exactly as you imagined.
• You want to experiment: making sculpture is fun!
• We will use a number of different materials and tools. Here is the list: drawing material, pencil or pen, sharpie, embossed wooden base, shelf squared or asparagus with nuts (plus cut-off for metal) or an L for shelves, Latex gloves, thinner, brushes, polyurethane foam, plastic bags and adhesive tape, vinyl or acrylic paint or automotive sealant for carts, cups and blisters, silicon rubber and TP catalyst (optional), clear acrylic lacquer Spray (optional), modeling clay (any brand), sand paper (240 or thinner), kitchen knife or cutter, modeling tools (wooden spatulas, carving tools and dental spatulas)
• All materials are required (except those indicated as optional). About modeling tools, I give you a recommendation: before buying all the tools you find in the art shop, watch the videos and buy what you need. When I started I had 3 tools and even though I have 50 now, I still use two or three favorites.
• A space to work with good light

This course is for

• Students of visual and plastic arts
• Art and Craft Lovers
• All those people wanting to experiment with new artistic projects but do not know how.
Escultora, Artista Plastica y Caracterizadora (Makeup FX)
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 18m
Language: English
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